How a Franking Machine Can Help a Small Business

There are several franking machine companies that are approved by
Royal Mail – Neopost, Pitney Bowes, Frama and FP. You can choose from a
wide range of franking machines from any of these suppliers. Each has a
list of features that are sure to help you with your mail requirements.


A small business needs to
advertise aggressively to get the word out that your business exists,
that you have a unique product or that you are offering one-of-a-kind
services. You can use your mail as an advertising tool by using a
franking machine. Aside from the equivalent of a Royal Mail stamp, a
franking machine can also print your company logo on your envelopes.
Imagine a clean, crisp, professional looking mail dropping into the
hands of a potential customer. What would that mean to your client and
in turn, what does that mean to your business? If you can impress the
client on this area then you are sure to get his or her attention. Or
what if before even opening the envelope, your clients see a promo that
they would not be able to resist? Because of all the advertising clutter
that is available to a customer each day, the average customer has
developed a short attention span so you only have a few seconds to
capture a client’s interest. Turning your mail into an impressive piece
of advertisement ups your chances.

Efficiency and Productivity

you ever thought how much time you spend on preparing your mails? It
might take half a day and you’re not even realizing it. If you add all
that up in a week, you spend 2.5 days just printing labels or attaching
stamps to your mail. That is too much wasted time even for a small
business. Those two days can be spent on strategizing or working on a
new marketing plan. Using a franking machine can cut those 2.5 days into
just half a day for the whole week.

By using a franking machine,
you don’t have to worry about weights and their corresponding charges. A
franking machine will automatically compute these for you. If you have
different sizes of mail, a franking machine that has an auto-sort
feature will be very useful. You no longer have to go through this
tedious task of sorting mail.

Time and Money Savings

piece of mail that has been properly franked is charged with a lower
rate by Royal Mail. It doesn’t matter if you send one or one hundred,
first or second class. There is no minimum number of pieces to avail of
the discounts. You save money each time you send mail.

As a
franking machine user, you are also entitled to avail of a wide range of
special services from Royal Mail. Ask your supplier about these as you
can get more discounts with these services.

By owning a franking
machine, you can do a lot of transactions online. You can pay your
bills, refill credits and track your expenditure through your online
account. What used to be a time-consuming task can now be accomplished
in a few clicks of a button.

A franking machine takes care of
your small but important tasks, leaving you more time to grow your
business. Check the suppliers nearest you to avail one now.