How To Promote Your Small Business Online

you own a small business, then you already know what I am about to say.
Running a small business is not easy, especially in this economic
environment. There are so many things that you have to cover yourself.
Stock, orders, payroll, advertising, tons of paperwork. The list goes on
and on. Out of the huge list of daily tasks that you have to perform,
advertising, in many cases, gets neglected.
However, advertising can
be very effective in giving your bottom line the boost it needs for
very little money if you know how to do it or are shown how to do it.
Advertising and marketing is all about branding yourself, becoming what
pops into potential customers heads whenever they think of your
particular product or service. That is not an easy thing to do, but, it
is achievable if you know how to do it.

is the trick. If you are not a brand name in the minds of your
potential customers, just become the next best thing, the first result
they see when every they use a search engine to search for a term that
describes your product or service. To do this you will need three

First, you will need a domain name. Just go to a domain
name registrar such as Godaddy and register for a dot com, dot net, or
dot org domain name for about ten bucks per year that is a keyword for
your product or service. Using a keyword as your domain name will be
easy for your visitors to remember if they ever want to visit your site

Next, get yourself some server space from a hosting
company like Hostgator. They will host your site and maintain the server
that is hosting your files for, depending on what package you get,
usually less than ten bucks per month. Additionally, you will never have
to worry about uptime because the hosting company will keep an eye on
that too.

you have a domain name and hosting , you can then forward your domain
name servers to your hosting company and log into your cPanel and
install your site. If you have never done this before, don’t worry. It
is very easy, every if you have no experience as a webmaster. Just look
for the Fantastico icon and install a WordPress blog in the click of a
button and a few simple steps that it walks you through.

is a great way to promote your business and become a recognized expert
in your niche. Obviously, it is a subject that you know about, so write
an article once a week that answers a question common in your area of
expertise. Search engines will slowly start sending traffic your way and
you will have started the process of branding yourself. Make sure you
have all of your information on a contact page so that potential clients
can easily find you because they will come looking.

This article
just describes the beginnings of promoting yourself online. There is an
entire field of study dedicated to dominating the results and becoming
the first result that search engines serve to people searching for your
product or service online. Check the authors resource section to learn