Forex Market – The Basic Knowledge

You can take the advantage of the forex market which opens 24 hours a day for 5.5 days a week as you may be already aware of. But this is different with the stock market where they open only during business hours. So trading forex even at 2 AM is very feasible.

The next big difference is the non-centralised market. Meaning that you can trade from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection. In addition to that, unlike the stock market where you can only gain profit from up-trend market, in forex you can make profit from either up-trend or down-trend market.

Having the right mindset in forex trading a must-have trait for any trader who is starting this business. It will also be the first lesson that you will be taught on by forex experts. The currency market is a huge market even when it is compared with all the US stock market combined, it is still a lot bigger. Every day, the foreign currency market trades around 3 trillion US dollars.

You must also keep in mind that there is no 100% accurate in forex dictionary. Not a single forex trader can score 10 out of 10 winning trades. All the indicators and analysis techniques are only there to help you predict the market movement.

In forex, buying one currency means selling the other. You can never buy one currency without selling its other pair. So in USDGBP pair, when you buy the USD, it means you also sell the GBP. Buying or selling only a currency in forex without selling or buying the other pair is just not possible. Also, unlike the stock market, where you need to wait for someone who is willing to buy your selling position to successfully sell your stock, in forex this will be done almost instantly. Since there will always be someone who is looking to buy your position because of the size of the market.

Last but certainly not least, the forex market is all liquid, which makes depositing and withdrawing a lot easier than the stock market. This is certainly one of the most intriguing traits in forex for new investors.