Foreign Investment In Minha Casa Minha Vida Continues To Rise

Ask any investment advisor or company or go and browse any alternative investment news website and the main topic is Brazilian real estate investments, and the main focus is the governments Minha Casa, Minha Vida (My House My Life) programme. But why all the interest in the country? and what is this programme all about? There is currently a massive property boom going on in all of Brazil’s main cities and it’s being fuelled by the demand for affordable residential housing.

Brazil’s economy has improved a great deal in recent years and is now the 6th largest economy in the world, there has also been a swift increase in general wealth of it’s people . This has meant an unparalleled demand for reasonably priced housing. The rapidly growing middle classes, for one thing, have needed many more affordable homes to purchase than were previously available. Coupled with this is the situation of those whose present accommodation is sadly unsatisfactory or below standard.

The solution to this housing shortage was an idea first put onto the table by the previous president of Brazil Lula da Silva way back in 2008 which was to build affordable housing for the growing middle classes and to have set sale prices, one hundred percent mortgages provided by Brazil’s federal bank and strict rules for purchase of a property to avoid these homes being bought and sold by the wrong people who were simply out to make a profit and to make certain that these homes went to middle class Brazilian families who needed then and who previously had little hope of getting onto the property ladder. The programme was finally launched 2009 and was welcomed both by the Brazilian media and the public. The name given to this programme was Minha Casa Minha Vida, which translates to my house, my life. Within the programmes first year tens of thousands of homes were built and sold and the scheme was seen as a huge success. Now approaching it’s forth year interest in the programme by foreign investors has grown significantly with investors from the United Kingdom, the United States, Asia and the Middle East investing heavily in the programme.

The reason that this programme is so popular with investors from around the world is that is marketed as the safest foreign real estate investment currently available, the programme is a backed by the Brazilian federal government and there are millions of families on the waiting list so that once a home is completed it is instantly sold and the investors funds, plus profits are returned, usually within 12 months. Investment is through actually developers who are building the homes and not through a third party investment company.

With any popular investment, once it is well known enough all the conmen and dodgy investment companies seem to come out of the woodwork keen to take your money and then vanish, so be cautious and bear in mind these simple points that could save you from being a victim of a con. You should be investing direct with a developer and not an investment company, the developer will use your investment to build one or more units and return your investment plus profit in around 12 months, minimum investment is usually between 23,000 and 25,000 and because the final sale price of these properties is set by the Brazilian federal government your profit is set also and genuine companies are offering between 18% and 22% depending on how many units you invest in, a company offering a too good to be true return on investments ( I’ve seen one dodgy company claiming 80% ROI) should be avoided like the plague.

In summary, anyone wanting to Invest in Brazil and it’s booming economy should consider Minha Casa Minha Vida Social Housing Investments, if your cautious and fully research who your investing through you can turn a tidy profit from this safe and secure investment.

Does your company seek a good HR software solution

Effective and reliable human resource management is crucial for any business, but, unfortunately, not always easy to achieve. Managing a complex HR system sadly leaves a lot of room for error, and can also make it more difficult to rectify errors when they do occur. For this reason, it is crucial that you implement an effective and reliable HR system, an especially important component of which is good HR software. Where can you find good HR software? Well, from a company that provides good HR software. However, finding the right company offering the right HR software for your needs can prove an unfortunately convoluted process. For instance, you might struggle to find a company which can offer a sufficient variety of HR software solutions – whether you are a recruitment professional desiring to trim applicant administration or a HR director seeking to devolve responsibility for certain areas of HR management. Thankfully, however, help is at hand here. What would be the most appropriate method of searching for a dependable HR software provider? Undoubtedly, this would involve perusing the Internet. The Internet may be a staggeringly massive resource, but browsing it remains much more straightforward than you might realise. How so? Well, all you have to do in this particular instance is load up a respectable Internet search engine like Google, type ‘HR software’ into the provided relevant text box, and then click the provided appropriate link to search the web using that term. Simple! What precise features should you expect in the right choice of HR software provider? The right HR software provider should clearly offer a considerable choice of HR software solutions, incorporating HR software solutions intended for the purposes of recruitment management, online recruitment, personnel records management, training and development, performance management, online self service, time and attendance management and online expenses management. While the company’s HR software should ultimately have the purpose of trimming HR administration, you should also have the option of combining it with one of the company’s payroll software solutions, thus making the task of maintaining the quality of both your HR and payroll data even easier. provides quality HR softwaresolutions for businesses. To learn more visit their website today.

Good Employment Prospects For Nursing Degree Holders, Guardian Reports

The Guardian newspaper has reported that in 2009 almost 85% of nursing degree graduates found full-time employment, with 94% of those finding jobs as healthcare professionals.

Just over 74% of those nursing degree graduates working in healthcare went straight into nursing, while the rest took other roles supporting the delivery of healthcare, according to the report.

Of the nursing degree graduates who did not enter full-time employment: some opted for extra study, whilst others combined further study with work. Only 1.7 % remained unemployed.

Journalist Angela Foster wrote: Work placements give an insight into what it is like to work in a busy department and the skills needed. And a degree rather than a diploma puts you a step ahead on the employment ladder.

With this apparently high level of employability, particularly in the current economic climate, enrolling on a nursing degree has become an attractive option for many.

Margaret Holbrough, a careers adviser with Graduate Prospects, said:”Nursing graduates are trained to work within the health sector and other related environments with all types of patient, but often specialise in caring for particular types of patient, such as adults, children or people with mental health or learning disabilities.”

In addition to good career prospects, nursing degree students also benefit from a government funded bursary to help them meet the cost of studying.

The University of Southampton is just one higher education institution that is routinely flooded with applications to study for a nursing degree. It was the first university in the country to win accreditation for its Bachelor of Nursing, or BN, nursing degree courses in 2011.

Southamptons employability rates for nursing degree graduates in 2009 were an impressive 8% better than the average national statistic of 85% reported in the Guardian.

Unleashing The Power of Innovation in Educational Sector

Nothing possibly moves faster than a thought or an idea. A
creative thought or an idea when managed and executed appropriately
leads to complete enterprise development and sets a benchmark for future
innovation. In the recent past, global academic institutions have been
using innovative idea management methods to generate intellectual growth
and expansion. These mostly take place in the form of open contests,
events and other participating platforms, where the audience at large is
encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas.

Making use of Innovation at School Level

an effort to address and solve some of the challenges and concerns
present in the education system, NEA i.e. National Education Association
and U.S. Department of Education initiated an open innovation contest
to drive innovative and creative solutions. The “Challenge to Innovate”
was a chance for numerous US educators to participate and to present
their ideas on a wider scale. This contest realized that the level of
school education has great potential and could be improved further.
There is a huge scope to modify the traditional broadcast teacher model,
to one, where the candidate can get more involved with the learning

Innovation in education sector is not just limited to
academic brands taking creative initiatives. Top notch brands engaged in
education initiatives too have made use of unique idea generation
techniques in order to foster knowledge sharing and academic growth.

IT giant Microsoft has been walking on this path. The brand asserts
that nothing is more crucial to the future prospect of a country than
fostering education amidst young people. Their “Partners in Learning
Program” is closely associated with local schools, communities and
government, on initiatives to help teachers use technology efficiently
and to impart better education to children. Microsoft through this
technique has assisted about 8 million teachers and over 185 million
students. The brand firmly believes that innovation is the key that
helps to unleash creativity, talent and passion in everyone.

academic and other global brands can leverage innovation by investing
in advanced idea management solutions and crowd sourcing software
available today. This will encourage key industry influencers and other
people to voice up their opinions and engage in progressive discussions.
Essentially, it will create an ambiance of collective intelligence with
a thread of imagination. Furthermore, when it’s the education sector,
nothing works better than free flowing ideas and imagination. As it is
all about learning and re-learning that expands the education sector as a

Where To Cut Costs With A Small Business

tough economic times surrounding us and no signs of it relieving
itself, it’s important to focus on ways you can cut costs in the small
business circuit. By taking time to reduce your spending, you can
increase your chances of making it through the dry spells. We have put
together a guide that will give you a few ideas on how you can decrease
spending. All without losing important aspects of your small business.

Do Your Own Marketing: By cutting out a middle man to do most of your
marketing, you can learn to do most of this yourself. Learn how to
network your company. Read books, web sites, blogs and take classes on
this area. That way, you can continue to benefit from high marketing

2) Keep It Simple: When it comes to office decor, office
supplies and more, the best tip is to keep it simple. You really don’t
need hundreds of office gadgets. So focus on finding the best equipment
that will help you save money, instead of buying tons of smaller gadgets
to takes its place. The less you spend on repair and upkeep, the more
you will be able to cut back.

3) Hire Off Site Employees: When it
comes to your office employees, consider hiring them to work out of
their homes, instead of coming into the office each day. They will often
work for less money since they will need less cash to pay for gas, etc.
Many employees will welcome this sort of change.

Field Your Own Calls: Instead of hiring after hour answering services,
learn to forward your own calls. Once you leave the office, you can have
emergency phone calls sent to another line of your choice. That way,
you can field your own calls in your office. It is a great way to save

As you can see, cutting the costs for your small business
can be very simple and easy to do. It just takes a little planning and
effort on your behalf. Implement each tip into your day to day office
life to see a dramatic improvement in your overall spending.

Online Investment – Timing Is Everything

They say that ‘timing is everything’ and it’s never more than true when looking committing to an online investment. For the comedian, actor, athlete and politician timing is a key skill in success. Being in the right place at the right time is part of the skill (or luck) of any kind of success. The basketball or football player needs to be doing the right thing when the scout is about. The busker singing on the street can have their lives changed if a record producer happens to be walking past.

So is success down to luck – well yes and no. I’m a big believer in creating your own luck. If you put yourself about, take risks (albeit calculated ones) and put yourself in situations where opportunity can be seized.

The most common piece of investment advice given is ‘get into property’ and as a general rule it’s sound advice. Property in general appreciates in value over time and delivers a return on investment significantly better than any bank or savings scheme can offer. However – timing can make or break the investment opportunity. Many have been caught short by entering the property market at the wrong time and making very little – and in some sad cases ending up in negative equity. If you buy in a town that is on the rise – then you’ll make money from your investment. If you buy in town and a factory then lays of 1,000 employees causing widespread unemployment – there’s a good chance that you could lose money, see very little growth or have to wait a long time to see a return on your investment.

If I could give only one piece of investment advice it would be to develop the skill of being able to spot opportunities. Broaden your perspective think laterally and learn how to read how events will shape things financially and then make calculated decisions based on those factors. If you can learn this new kind of thinking then you will see investment opportunities others miss and most importantly you will see them in time to get in early.

Global Private Label Trends and Packaging Innovation

Global Private Label Trends and Packaging Innovation, 2013″ can be a
detailed analysis of and insight in to current packaging inventions in
the global private label market within the Food, Beverages and Health
and Beauty sectors, related to important trends, owners, and problems.

The statement is an outcome of extensive study to offer a thorough
understanding of the worldwide private-label market and packaging
consumption; this obviously establishes market trends, packaging
character, and areas of future growth.

Introduction and Landscape

Why was the report written?

The continuously changing character of buyers ‘ and merchants
private-label demand makes it difficult for those involved in the
packaging industry to comprehend precisely which sectors and areas would
be the focus of future growth. That record explains and quantifies
future demand patterns and the types of innovations best placed to
exploit them, so appearance manufactures and suppliers can arrange for
the future in confidence.

What’s the existing market landscape and what is changing?

Customer demand for private label goods varies considerably from a
large, steady market in Food and Western Europe to small, growing
markets in Latin America and Health and Beauty.

What’re the key drivers behind recent market changes?

Appearance manufacturers have to react to the changing demands of
customers and suppliers so that you can arrange for the near future.
It’s not all low expense, low quality products. Suppliers are actually
placing private label products in direct competition with national
models and in some instances as improvements over them minus the
additional costs.

What makes this statement distinctive and important to read?

This report provides a extensive analysis of the private label
landscape, including a variety of private label market data related to
new and potential packaging inventions, which are recognized across 3
main industries: Food, Health and Beauty and Beverages, along side
outcomes of a survey of leading players in the packaging industry.

Important Features and Advantages

Detail by detail coverage of essential appearance innovations across
world wide private label markets. Group products and parts included
include glass, flexible plastics, paper and board, rigid material, rigid
plastics, closures, labels and adhesives.

Growth in private brands and growth in demand for private brand
presentation are examined within the Food, Health and Beauty and
Beverages industries.

Packaging innovations are associated with
four recognized private label strategies: Low priced value, Value for
money duplicate products, Differentiation, and Quality leadership.

Demand for private label presentation is forecast for 2007-2017 by industry and place.

Essential Industry Problems

Private label approaches are significantly varied in mature markets
such as the UNITED STATES and the UK. While there still remains a place
for low cost, fundamental quality products such as Walmart’s “Great
Value” range, it’s becoming common to view private-label ranges across
various price-points as stores make an effort to differentiate their
brands from national brands (such as Tesco’s “Goodness” healthier food
for children range) as well as compete directly with them (such as
Mercadona’s “Hacendado” drinks in Spain).

Creativity in
packaging is essential to updating the image of private label products
and services being fans instead of leaders. Private-label is a superb
vehicle for releasing presentation inventions as decision making
processes are significantly shorter with suppliers than with brand

Private label products and services have
developed quality ranges because they are able to work with local
suppliers and can guarantee and observe provenance, though importance
ranges remain, it’s been specially important with recent food scares.

The key consumer market, so far as private-label can be involved,
remains Food, whilst Health and Beauty would be the rising star when it
comes to future market potential. There’s limited growth possibility of
Beverages on the next five years as far as private label is concerned,
as manufacturer producers have a far more entrenched position in many
main-stream soft-drink and beer types.

Essential Highlights

In recognized areas suppliers are pulling their private label products
and services along with pack models and labeling as a single Private
Label selection such as for instance Tesco’s “Essentials”.

Perception of product quality for premium personal label ranges has been
established by applying quality pack formats and designer labeling
instead of bright label, fundamental font products and services related
to value ranges, such as “Presidents Choice” by Loblaws.

Forex Trading – Trading Potential For the Uninitiated

Loads of money can be earned from trading in the forex market. But, forex trading should be done wisely using the right market information and trading strategy. Getting into the forex options trading and currency trading business is bound to result in great losses when an inexperienced forex trader gets caught up with the lure of profits alone without any consideration or planning for market downturns. Here are some things to consider before you get into the forex options trading and currency trading business:

1. Educate yourself on the industry that you are getting into. There are online courses that will give you a clear picture of what you are entering. Equip yourself with the basic knowledge about forex trading. Do not skip this step lest you fall into the trap of gambling away your money.

2. Assess your risk appetite. How much risk can you take without becoming too emotional about your money? The level of risk that you are willing to take will guide you in choosing the kind of trading strategy and methodology you wish to employ in forex options trading and currency trading.

3. Find a mentor. This is especially important for someone who wants to be serious in forex options trading and currency trading. While everything that is needed to know about forex trading can be learned from a number of forex trading courses, going into actual trading is a different matter. Being guided by someone who is experienced in making trades can be a good way to get started in a profitable forex trading business.

Timothy Stevens is a Forex Options Trader who owns – He has helped hundreds of people on Trading Forex with Options.

He has recently developed a free e-course showing you a step by step process for starting your Forex Trading easier. To learn how to start Forex Trading with Options without wasting your time and losing more money, visit

Finding Entry Level Work At Home Typist Jobs

Work At Home Typing Jobs-In today’s Internet age, work at home jobs abound. One of the most popular of these is the entry-level work at home typist. Everyone seems to be able to type these days. Elementary school children have to learn to type to use computers at school. And there are many types of training that help a person improve their typing skills. With many companies are downsizing and outsourcing various positions in order to reduce costs, one of the first positions to be eliminated in many businesses is the typist position. This seems to be because since typists are somewhat common. Competition is steep in the field of work at home typists. What can you do to carve your niche into the world of entry-level online typing work? Here are a few suggestions.

What is an entry-level work at home typist? What type of work does an entry-level work at home typist do? An entry-level work at home typist usually prepares reports, letters, mailing labels, and other text based materials. As entry-level and home-based workers, typists may start by doing simple tasks that require less supervision, such as typing headings on form letters, addressing envelopes, or preparing standard forms on their computer. Basically, the entry level work at home typist makes neat, typed copies of materials written by other clerical or managerial workers. Entry level home based typists do the jobs that most typists do not want to do, or find tedious.

After working for a while, the reliable entry-level typist earns the respect of his or her employer. After gaining experience on the job, the entry-level typist may be given more responsibility. He or she may be given tasks which are more complicated and require a higher degree of accuracy. More training and independent judgment may be needed for this type of work. Senior typists, or more experienced work at home typists, may work with highly technical material where accuracy is a must. Some examples of this more technical typing work include such jobs as planning and typing more complicated projects. More experienced typists may also prepare complicated statistical tables, as well as combining and rearranging materials from different sources, or preparing master copies.

Occasionally an entry-level work at home typist may perform other clerical duties. Some of these duties may include answering telephones, filing, and operating copiers or other office machines. These jobs are performed at home in a home office that has the equipment needed to do the job. Entry-level work at home typist may do jobs that may be a combination of typing, filing, sorting mail, and answering telephones. Some may also transcribe notes while doing other general office duties. Virtual assistants also perform these types of all around clerical jobs for their employers. Once you have achieved some experience doing some of these basic office tasks, you may be able to market yourself as a virtual assistant.

Entry Level Typist Qualifications: Employers know that entry-level typists may not have the same skills or experience as other typists. Since this is an entry-level job, employers generally do not require extremely high standards from their applicants. They expect people willing to work doing mundane jobs to help out their more advanced, more expensive typists. In terms of educational background, employers may hire high school graduates who can simply type fast. So, generally, as long as you meet the requirements for keyboarding speed, you can apply for a position as an entry level work at home typist.

Other skills needed include knowledge of spelling, punctuation, and grammar, as well as familiarity with standard office equipment. Almost anyone with a computer or typewriter can apply to become an entry-level work at home typist. Students can easily acquire most of the required skills rather easily and quickly. There are many resources for continued typing education to develop your typing skills and improve your qualifications. High schools, community colleges, business schools, are excellent sources of continuing education for the work at home typist. Temporary health agencies, self-teaching aids such as books, tapes, and Internet tutorials can help you in improving your keyboarding skills and making you a faster typist. There are also similar resources to learn the use of any required computer software that you may not already know. You can tap into these resources to get the skills necessary to begin working as an entry-level work at home typist without spending a fortune on continuing education.

Prospects: A decline in the overall employment jobs for entry-level work at home typists was predicted through 2012. However, it appears that there will always be a need for entry-level work at home typists. Entry-level work at home typists are needed to replace those who leave this occupation for many different reasons. And offices are always looking for temporary help, or help with work overflow. There will always be a need for the entry- level work at home typist. As long as there are companies outsourcing these typing jobs for whatever reason, a person will always be able to find employment as a work at home typist. If you take the time and have the patience to look for work as an entry-level typist, you will probably find work.

One very good source of entry- level work at home typist jobs is online employment agencies. Some examples of online employment agencies are and There are many more online employment agencies to be found on the Internet as well. Some of these online employment agencies offer free access to job information. Like many employment agencies, however, a small fee will give potential entry-level work at home typists? access to more typing employment opportunities. Some of these employment agencies have jobseekers place bids for jobs. One trick to getting a job at any of these employment agencies is discovering the going charge for doing entry-level typing at home. Once you discover the going rate for entry-level typing jobs and gain some work experience, you will have all the work you want or need. Developing a reputation for reliable, accurate work that is finished on time will increase the amount of work you are offered. Before you know it you will have enough work to keep you busy and get those pesky bills paid off.

Learn How to Unleash Your Mind Power for Financial gain Love and Fate

mind control – these are is abilities often set aside for ascended keepers along with shamans. Thisis a misconception, however. Polished mind power is not a gift. It is a talent that can be developed with practice. Provided you recognize the most professional technique to attain it/p>

Keeping your mind sharp is just as crucial as keeping your body in good condition. Your entire body’s health will reflect on the swiftness of your mind, so knowing just a few very simple tips about how to keep your whole system in order will help you stay alert as well. Read on for a number of simple ways to help both body and mind fight back the ravaging effects of the aging process.

Reading is a fantastic way to work out your mind while enjoying a fantasy or learning new stuff. You want to read a variety of materials. This is so you keep the many areas of your brain operating. As an example, a book filled with stunning photos and information on lands far away will work both the visual and learning areas. To work out your brain’s language center, read a book printed in another language. Be sure to vary the books you read so you avoid becoming uninterested.

Doing sudoku, word searches, crosswords, and other puzzles and games will help keep your mind and memory razor-sharp. These activities meet a need for competitiveness, even if you’re in essence competing with yourself. Nonetheless, they can be fun and you can do them on your breaks. For example, keep a puzzle book and pencil in your restroom so that you can give your mind a quick workout while you’re in there.

Try participating in a sport when you have a very competitive nature. Team sports give you a great exercise for your body while the game itself can help you to build your brain power. Body-eye dexterity is going to also get a boost as you have fun on the field, track, court, or diamond. You can actually keep your body and mind in excellent shape when you do team sports.

Do you know cleaning is a fantastic way to exercise your brain? While you scrub the ceramic tiles, try counting them, or you can reorganize your kitchen. Whenever you clean, your body gets a physical workout and your brain gets busy attempting to keep track of what you’re doing. When you’ve got a nice and clean, organized household, it can positively affect your health and mind.

You’ll be able to spend time outside if you aren’t really into cleaning. As an example, you can start a garden. Gardening entails a great deal of planning and work, so you’ll be working out both your brain and body. Take gardening seriously. Develop a layout of your garden, plan what plants you’ll grow and what they need. You’ll want to take care of your garden often. All of this effort is going to pay off with great mental health!

We must be aware that we need to exercise our body and mind for us to be in good health overall. Living a long, happy and healthy life can be achieved with a bit of effort on your part as long as you take all the tips within this article into account. With these very simple suggestions, you can have a healthy body and a healthy mind, which ultimately translates to a sharp memory.

You have the fundamentals. Are you geared up to let loose the giant within you and exercise inescapable mind control

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“>absolute mind power techniques