The Divine Technology To Eliminate Your Financial Troubles

While the human society is at the crossroads, besieged with financial, health and relationship problems, Dr.Pillai (Baba), has revealed to humanity the ancient Vedic secret Mantra, Thiru Neela Kantam, to eliminate all the ill effects of bad karma and make life fulfilling and complete.

Our Money Karma or financial Karma determines our financial state. Sometimes some of us have a bad Money Karma and suffer financially due its ill effects. The same is the case with health or relationships or any other aspect of our life.

Our Karma decides what we go through. But suffering does not remove our bad Karma. Dr.Pillai, has revealed a divine technology in which the chanting of the Mantra, Thiru Neela Kantam eliminates bad Karma and makes us lead happy lives.

Dr.Pillai has discussed in detail about the importance of sound for learning and the elevation of the human mind and its thought processes. Dr.Pillai has identified the ancient Vedic Mantra of Thiru Neela Kantam as the right Mantra with the right quantum sound frequency to alleviate people of their bad Karma.

Dr.Pillai has advocated that Thiru Neela Kantam, (pronounced, TEE-ru NEE-la KAN-tum), should be chanted during Pradosham time. Pradosham is the time which marks the end of day light and the beginning of night every day. Monthly Pradoshams fall on the 13th day of the waxing / waning of the Moon. Pradoshams offer the best opportunity to eliminate Karma. One has to visualize blue light while chanting this Mantra. The effect will be stunning if it is chanted 108 times. The powerful vibrations created by the quantum sounds of the Mantra reverberate through our minds to make it attain higher levels. Our bad Karma will be busted and all our aspirations will be fulfilled.

When most of the world is going through a financial crisis, a lot of us have prayers for money. We need not suppress our monetary requirements. We can use this amazing divine technology, unveiled by Dr.Pillai, use the Vedic Mantra, Thiru Neela Kantam and lead a wealthy, healthy and happy life.

Forex Trading – What Makes a Good Forex Trader

Forex trading is a very risky business. That is why it is often said that if you don’t love risks, then Forex is not the right way to go. With the high volatility of market conditions, and frequent fluctuations of the market’s only commodity that is currencies, the trade can be extremely stressful and pressurized.

Yet there are people who are cut for the job. These people can easily cope with all the pressures and stress of the Forex trade. They possess the qualities that make a good Forex trader.

If you intend to be a good Forex trader, here are some of the qualities you should have:

You should be a risk-taker. You have to be willing to take in as many risks as possible as the trade is a high risk business. You should also be responsible enough to take the consequences of your actions.

You should love learning. Although you have often heard that the business runs on a ‘gut feel’, it is still learning the ins and outs of the industry that will give you the confidence to develop the right mindset necessary to become successful in the trade.

You should be mature and business-minded. Forex is a business only for people who can think and act maturely and responsibly. You should be able to handle the risks with a businessman’s expertise.

If you think you have these qualities, then by all means you can pursue your intent and become part of the Forex trading world.

Timothy Stevens is a Forex Options Trader who owns – He has helped hundreds of people on Trading Forex with Options.

He has recently developed a free e-course showing you a step by step process for starting your Forex Trading easier. To learn how to start Forex Trading with Options without wasting your time and losing more money, visit

Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Follow Up Methods For Awesome Results

Pharmaceutical sales interview follow up methods that give good results

Following up with potential employer by way of telephone, e mail as well as handwritten correspondence email to secure your pharmaceutical sales job immediately after your face to face interview is often just what puts a person over the top in the running for the pharmaceutical sales rep employment.

So you have just left your pharmaceutical sales employment interview with the hiring manager. You actually nailed the job interview and are floating on a cloud of bliss. You sense how the pharmaceutical manager liked you and your replies to his employment interview issues. So what now?

When you closed for the job in the end of the interview as is highly recommended you will probably get a reply such as this, “Well, I appreciate your aggressiveness! I’ve got a few other candidates booked, however I am going to definitely get back with you regarding this inside a 1 week.” He will present you with a defined figure. Make a note of that. The time frame is important if you are intending to implement this follow up method I am advising.

When and how does one follow-up? Should you phone the hiring manager after a couple of days and nights and inquire of him or her if they have made the decision yet? Or simply is it best to basically sit around and lose time waiting for him or her to telephone?

Pharmaceutical sales employment interview follow-up

* -Hand created note: Write a hand composed thank you note and ship it off on that day in the mail. The recruiting manager will likely be floored simply because this is a thing only 10% or perhaps less of job hopefuls do. The actual applicant whom does this frequently has got the position.

* -Email thank you follow up a few days and nights later.

Next will come the trickier part: Phone call follow-up

My secret is that if the pharmaceutical rep hiring manager offers a commitment of a practical period of time when he will probably followup and is rather specific about when the phone call may occur in that case I most certainly will wait in order to follow up. Nonetheless I actually still call him back prior to when he / she calls me personally.

Followup 24 hours well before he explained he will probably call. This should ‘t be thought to be manipulative, but instead it will make you look as if you desire the job and you also aren’t planning to sit around and await things to happen. You actually close the area manager yet again on this telephone call.

Your conversation may unfold something such as the following:

Hello (DM name). This is Joe Blow and I’m contacting to follow up relating to our employment interview. I realize you mentioned you are going to get back with me by next week I apologize in the event that I’ve found you at a undesirable moment.’

Now this up coming sentence is vital in the way in which you deliver this. You are going to let him know the purpose of your current telephone call one day early. When done correctly you are likely to look like some sort of sales expert. Your main aim will be to peak his or her interest for the key reason why it is you called. State this following phrase slowly.

“The reason why I am phoning would be the fact I really want you to know that I am certain that I will be your leading sales person inside a 12 months and here is how I will accomplish it”

Now don’t forget you actually announced that previous sentence slow. Should you be on the phone you can easily read it off a piece of paper to get it right. This particular upcoming element you certainly will talk with certainty and pick up the actual speed of the speech.

“I will complete this through trying more intensely and also smarter as compared to my competition.

I will create my own list of where I must visit the evening well before my work day.

I will be inside the practices after they open up plus I’ll be final rep in the area when the offices close up.

I am going to acquire the help I require from you in building my abilities to another level

Let me be the best I can be here and leave no cash on the table.

Bring me on your staff and permit me to reveal to you things I can do for you, the organization and myself personally.”

Now you need to be quiet. Should you not get the job after that, then your potential employer has just passed up on what the pharmaceutical industry is on the lookout for in the pharmaceutical sales person.

Get ready, crush the interview, and follow up effectively and the pharmaceutical rep career will be your own.

PharmaceuticalRepStore Employment Kit

Marketing Expert Releases 5 Step Guide to PR Success For Small Business Owners

With an increasing number of small businesses opening in the greater
Sydney area, focusing on product and customer service is no longer
sufficient. Small business owners need to engage with a variety of
promotional activities in order to be competitive, according to a Sydney
marketing centre.

To aid small business owners in their promotional
activities, the Sydney Small Business Centre has recently released a
short five-step guide for public relations.

According to the
Centre, public relations is a part of marketing that is all about
promoting a business or product without having to pay for it, and
includes press releases, trade shows, conferences, seminars and events.

The Centre says there are five steps small business owners need to take in order to achieve success with their public relations.

Centre says that the best way for a business owner to get started on
their PR strategy is by answering these three questions:
What are you trying to say?
What are you trying to achieve?
What is the result you want?

these three questions is important to give yourself a clear idea of why
PR is being undertaken, and will also guide where and how it is done.

The Centre also recommends that small business owners keep the following axiom in mind when executing their own PR strategies:

Who do you want to want you? And why should they want to?

2. Know the customer

the target customer of a business is one of the most important parts of
a businesses marketing strategy, and it’s no different for PR. Business
owners need to know what their customers are watching, reading and
listening to, as well as the websites they go to and the things they’re
interested in. Knowing this will help business owners make the most of
their PR efforts and focus them on the appropriate forms of media.

3. Don’t just wait for things to happen

isn’t going to work by sending out a media release and then sitting by
the phone waiting for ABC Radio to call. The best way to get coverage is
by understanding where news should be placed, sending it to the right
person and chasing them up. Business owners can’t rest on their laurels -
PR is all about identifying the right opportunities and actively
pursuing them.

4. Be newsworthy
business owners are writing something to promote their business they
need to make sure it is newsworthy in one of the following respects:

5. Always think about the big picture

is all about being active and getting a business’ name out there
through as many different mediums as possible. Business owners need to
keep the big picture in mind and make sure their PR strategy involves
active engagement with a variety of media.

Career Change Coaching

When I was a goal coach at lululemon athletica I had the
opportunity to do a lot of career coaching with people who were in
college, who were committed to taking on new roles in leadership and
one’s who needed to transition to another career.

Knowing how to
set goals during this period is vitally important and I cover that in my
book which you can find by clicking here. For today we are focused on
determining what your ideal career could be.

How many careers
should a person have on average in their lifetime? I have no idea
because all I care about is helping you find the right career for you.
That one career you want to stay at forever because you love it so much
you would do it for free (just don’t tell your boss that).

Career Clogs

theory about careers is that if all the people who were unhappy with
their career would just quit it would make room for the people who would
love that career. Then there would be careers open for those that quit
that they would love. Like a career exchange program.

Have you had
the experience before where you would love a certain career and you
know first-hand the person who has it could care less about it? You see I
believe that the right career is out there for everyone and unhappy
people are clogging up the career pipeline for everyone else.

career cloggers cost companies millions of dollars a year and potential
employees that could change the face of their organization. Don’t be
hard on them because you care most likely in the same position.

we explore how you can discover the right career for you I want to
address something you may be doing either consciously or unconsciously
and it may not turn out quite how you think it will.

Career Suicide

want you to be proactive in determining the career you want to have and
not commit what I call career suicide. My definition of career suicide

The act of consciously choosing to do things that you know
lower your personal performance, and purposefully go against the goals
of the company while blaming everyone else for your unhappiness to the
point where you force your leader to take action and terminate you.

who do this usually feel trapped in their career due to the external
obligations they feel they will fail to make if they leave. They believe
they cannot take the risk in quitting yet are setting themselves up to
be fired. Why not keep the control of when and how you leave your

Start setting goals, researching and applying for other
careers. Acknowledge you have been choosing to do things you know could
get you fired. Just because you are unhappy with where you are is no
excuse to not perform with excellence.

Setting goals will honestly
improve your performance because you will start to create a plan on a
way out. This feeling of freedom will reflect on your happiness.

want you to control when your career ends so life doesn’t force you
into action by you getting fired before you were “ready” to leave making
you feel like you need to take the first career that comes along so you
can pay the bills. This almost guarantees you will end up in a career
you don’t love all over again.

There is the possibility you are
unconsciously behaving in ways that are not conducive to a long
prosperous career because if you tell yourself you hate your career
every day then you most likely act like you hate your career every day.

Identify What You Love vs. Don’t Love

you decide to tell your employer to take their job and shove it let’s
take some time to discover why exactly you feel the need to do that. If
you don’t take the time to do this step you may find you end up in the
exact same style of career you want to leave.

How do you avoid getting the exact same career you
just left being that is the industry you were trained in? I mean if you
are a nurse just switching hospitals will not mean you won’t see blood

You can clarify your ideal career by determining what you
love doing every day and what you don’t love doing every day. This
sounds simple because it is. Grab your journal and make two columns,
love and don’t love.

The key here is to not include your boss or
Negative Nancy on the list because you can’t control the people you work
with every day no matter where you go. Focus only on the details of the
career. If you are a nurse maybe your list looks like:

Minnesota The Payday Loan Process

If you are a resident of Minnesota and you find that you have fallen short on a household expense or an unexpected expense comes up, you may want to consider applying for a payday loan. Here at PaydayLoansCashAdvance, we understand that unexpected expenses occur at some of the worst times. For this primary reason, PaydayLoansCashAdvance offers great cash advance services to you.

Before you can apply for a cash advance, you will need to acknowledge the basic requirements for the state of Minnesota. The basic requirements for this state include:

Proof of income
Valid bank account
Be at least 18 years of age
U.S. citizen or equivalent
If you meet all of the criteria that is stated above, the chances of you being approved for a cash advance are perfect. In general, the payday loan application process can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to complete. At, we protect all of your private information that you provide.

As far as the state of Minnesota is concerned, there are not any upfront fees. The only costs that will need to be acknowledged are the funds that you agree to repay once you have received the loan.

At PaydayLoansCashAdvance, we want to make sure that your loan experience is excellent. For this reason, we have three alternate methods that you can use to apply for a loan. In this instance, you will be able to apply for a loan via telephone, in person or online.

Everyone goes through rough patches during their life from time to time. At, collateral is not a concern. Many people are concerned about their current credit rating when they apply for a cash advance. Here at PaydayLoansCashAdvance, your credit score is not an issue. Whether you have poor, bad, average or excellent credit, it does not make a difference. Any type of credit that you have is welcome at
Once the payday loan process is complete, and we approve your loan, you will receive your funds within a 24 hour time frame.

The Dos And Donts Of Starting A Wholesale Clothing Business

The wholesale clothing industry is among of the fastest growing industry today. May it be off or online, the wholesale clothing business has become the largest trend around the world. This is because of the reason that people always needs clothes, it is both a necessity and a luxury.

Majority of individuals that set-off and start their own wholesale clothing businesses are those that already own a clothing retail business. These people are those that wanted to expand their businesses and earn more by selling their stocks in bulk.

Though these kinds of people have the necessary experience in handling a business, a wholesale is still a different business that involves processes which are distinct from those of retail. One of which is customers. Instead of selling to the public, wholesalers engage a business to business system in which wholesalers sell directly to other businesses such as retail businesses, retail distributors, exporters, and other wholesale businesses.

But other than customers, there are also other processes that make a wholesale business, in this case a wholesale clothing business, different from a retail business. Having no knowledge about these processes could lead the business to bankruptcy. So here are some Dos and the Donts of starting a wholesale clothing business.

Choosing a Storage Location

Do: Choose a storage or warehouse located near the manufacturer and retailers. Choosing a location that is physically near from a supplier or retailers can save more time and money when in comes to transport. This is particularly important for those that are only starting out.

Also, check if the cost of the rent or space is applicable for the amount of capital allotted. Do a research about several locations, if the place is cheaper than the others, and perfect because its physically near the market, then that is the most appropriate location.

Dont: Though the location is cheaper and near to the market, if the area and the location itself arent secure, then that is not the perfect place to start a wholesale clothing business. Dont start a wholesale clothing business on a location that offers too little or no security. Also, check if the location offers some laborsaving to material handling, warehousing methods, or inventory procedures. If the location cannot provide those, then the better thing to do is to choose from another place.

Order Flow Procedures

Do: Do a systematically planned order flow system. Careful planning of the order flow system is essential for starting any wholesale business. This is because when the orders from the customers start to come in, the procedure in which the stock is processed must be done thoroughly and systematically. This is to avoid unnecessary mistakes when the retailer phones in and inquire about their stock and finds out that their order will be coming late.

Dont: Avoid making the mistake to not update a customer of their order. Make sure that they are filled in with the information they deserve about their stock. So as much as possible, give them the information they need, and dont delay them.


Do: Do a list of those customers that you have failed to get. Apart from making a list of your own line of retailers and wholesalers, its also important to make a list of those that you failed to have. This is to keep track on their activities such as if they are still loyal to other wholesaler or have already left to find another one. Or if you need another retailer on your wholesale clothing business, you could ask them again to join you. You might be surprised and find out that theyre now willing to join.

Dont: Dont include those that cant show any supporting documents on their business. When looking for a dealer or distributor, make sure that they have legal documents that permit them to resell your products. This can ensure your businesss security.

Competitive Credit Policy

Do: Do a research about the competitiveness of giving credits. Giving credits to retailers and other customers is a common thing when it comes to wholesaling. It is part of every wholesalers strategy to lure customers on their business, especially on a wholesale clothing business. This allows them to buy their stock and pay for it when they have enough cash to pay. Setting up a competitive credit policy could give any wholesalers an edge when it comes to attracting customers to their business.

Dont: Dont give any credit to those customers that cant represent a complete documentation, papers, and permit for their business. Make sure that the customers are capable of paying back the credits they took. This is done by checking up on their references. Check if they were able to pay on time and complete. If they dont have the papers or any other supporting documents of their recent credit, then dont give them any credits.

Maintain A Close Contact with Retailers and Other Customers

Do: Maintain a good relationship with customers. Maintaining a good relationship with customers is the one of the most important aspect that ever wholesaler should practice. In a wholesale business, in this case a wholesale clothing business, keeping in good terms with customers can produce good results that may help proliferate the business such as loyalty and trust.

Talking with them, listening to their suggestions about the business, asking them on whats on the demand in clothing, are the ways that can insure them that you are concerned about the success of your business and of them. This builds up the credibility of a person as a wholesaler when it comes to doing business.

Dont: Dont let the customers feel as if they are just things. Mistreating a customer by letting them face a secretary or talk to answering machines could degrade their loyalty and trust to the business which could then lead them to leave. Lack of communication could also affect the wholesalers credibility in handling a business. So make sure to communicate with customers and talk to them personally as much as possible.

Business Database And The Role It Plays In Expanding Your Business

Different databases have come up with the advancement of technology and we all have witnessed their major role in the smooth operation of a business organization. Business organizations of every type and size are now maintaining an online presence and online database have become the backbone of every business website. They have become very popular for sharing, holding and gathering information. This has clearly eliminated the need of companies to store large chunks of data on their computers as that can now be stored on the internet. Builders of web database offer a wide variance of applications that include mechanism for analyzing, managing and storing data over the internet. As the applications are powered with data analysis, data reporting and data collection, they provide you with a lot of benefits. You are also free from the fear of losing any valuable data as it is backed up on numerous servers that are located at different positions. The applications are of high quality and so your online users can access it at minimal time. As the competition in the business world is increasing, it has become necessary to maintain an online presence to survive the cut throat competition. The cyber world also offers limitless ways to promote your products and services.

Database software system is required for business firms for maintaining their data. Companies take the help of databases to keep all sorts of information in an organized manner. They not only help in storing data, but also retrieving them efficiently. They have many in built features for performing specific functions. They can provide you with unlimited storage capacity so that you can store as much data as you want. While developing such a database, many factors are taken into consideration to ensure that it is perfectly fit for your business.

An organizations web database can be accessed by remote users from any part of the world with the help of internet facility. This provides a lot of opportunities for business holders to reach to a wider audience and thus expand their business. They can also work in collaboration with other organizations.

Michael Bloomberg Investment Strategies

Michael Bloomberg is the world’s eighth richest man according to Forbes 400 released in September 2008. He is one of the most successful businessman/politician in the world. Do you know where his success came from. Was it because of business strategic planning or just a plain luck?

Up to do this time, Bloomberg holds 88% of the ownership of Bloomberg L.P., a financial software company. He is also the mayor of New York and spent two terms for the city. In 1981, Michael was fired out of the Salomon Brother where he served as the general partner. He headed the equity trading and the systems development. Before he stepped out of the company, he was given $10 million dollar severance package. With that money on that same year, he started his own company. It was called the Innovative Market Systems. He had his first customer in the name of Merrill Lynch. The company installed 20 Market Master Terminals and invested $30 million to the IMS. The company was then changed to Bloomberg L.P. Few years after 5000 terminals have been installed. The company also expanded their business by launching Bloomberg Tradebook, the Bloomberg Messaging Service and the Bloomberg newswire. The company continued to prosper and the rest is history.?

With recognitions at hand, Michael Bloomberg became one of the business tycoons in the world. He is one of the highly admired business people. Even though he already resigned as the president of the company to serve the people in New York city, his legacy still prevails among business enthusiasts. His investment strategies are inspiration for businessman and business service providers. For those who are eying global business development, they want to know Bloomberg’s business approaches. But does anybody here knows his secret? None.?

His investment strategies is distinct and defined. The success of Bloomberg LP is directly attributed to Michael’s innovative strategies. Although they were not yet revealed to people, some sort of methods that he used were named as his secret to progress. He once worked as the head of equity trading in Salomon Brothers. And he used it on his new business. Equity trading is the buying and selling of stock shares Shares in large publicly-traded companies are bought and sold through one of the major stock exchanges, such as the New York Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange or Tokyo Stock Exchange, which serve as managed auctions for stock trades. Stock shares in smaller public companies are bought and sold in over-the-counter (OTC) markets. A simple yet effective type of investment that Bloomberg used for his little capital.?

From a capital of $10 million, he’s now making almost double of it because of his effective investment strategies. He invested much of his money on sectors he thinks beneficial to people. Bloomberg LP, which is a financial data and communications company, branched out and started a news service provider. It is now known for radio, television, internet and publishing operations. Bloomberg companies are global, multi-media based. Distributor of information services. They combine news, data and analysis for global financial markets and businesses.

Vanished Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-370 Carlyle Group Get Total Ownership Of Semiconductors Paten

It could well be appropriate to use the saying “fact is stranger than fiction” when it comes to the latest developments reported on the disappearance of Malaysian flight MH-370.

In a previous article echoing the sentiment of other alternative news sources I stated that the official story for the plane’s disappearance did not add up for several reasons:

1. The stated Indian Ocean crash would have left a large easily detectable trail of floating debris…

2. The flight had been detected for at least 4 and up to 7 hours before its signal was lost, which indicated it may well have travelled much further than the Indian Ocean and…

3. No witnesses or dead bodies were found to tie the official story in that it had crashed in the Indian Ocean.

-I concluded with the suggestion that all this suggests a blatant cover-up…

Now the latest story going ’round is even more bizarre.

Out of the 239 passengers on board the flight, 20 were working for a semiconductor company called Freescale. The 20 Freescale employees were on their way to a conference in China. Of the employees, 4 were senior level engineers and owned 20% each of shares tied to patent ownerships (as documented by reporter Shepard Ambellas). While these 4 engineers together therefore owned a total of 80% in Freescale, the remaining 20% of the patents shares worth billions in total were owned by the company.

However, it has been established that the Carlyle group had bought up Freescale some 8 years ago. It has been said that the Carlyle group has a shady history. During 2001 just after 9/11, it was revealed that the Bin-Laden family had invested many billions into the company and were doing business with the Bush family… Post 9/11, members of the Bin-Laden family after they had fulfilled the conditions, that being ‘to invest more money in the Carlyle group,’ were allowed to sneakily fly out of the USA unchecked…

It has been stated that what had convinced the Bin-Ladens to invest more in the Carlyle group was the promise by George Bush senior, chief advisor at the time, that the company’s defence industry profits would be about to increase dramatically post 9/11 and indeed they did. -Other said controversies continued to follow… effectively allowing people in high places to become a law unto themselves…

Now, incredible as this is about to sound, this is where the Carlyle group find their way into the circumstances surrounding the vanishing Malaysia airlines flight MH-370. The above mentioned patients were filed 4 days after the flight vanished and because the 4 engineers, 80% owners of the patents, are now considered dead, total ownership now goes to Freescale, which, remember, is owned by the Carlyle Group!

As told by whistleblower Edward Snowden, surveillance is rife throughout the world and the Carlyle Group has massive ownership and control in this sector too. Could the group have had a hand in the lapse or lack of surveillance in the vanishing flight MH-370 so they could profiteer from the deaths of those 4 engineers..?

Bizarre as this story sounds, some think this might be a plausible explanation for the cover up that I mentioned above with my 3 points.

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