Robert N. Vohra with Longstreet Worldwide, LLC Offers a Range Of Investment Banking Services

Global investment banking involves raising capital such as equity or debt for clients in international commerce, and offering advice on possible acquisition and merger transactions. There are many global investment banking firms that aim at helping clients make the most of opportunities, both abroad and domestic, to ensure their financial success. These companies work closely with clients and offer plenty of services, strategies and solutions that include raising capital from private and public sectors and financial restructurings. Unlike normal banks, investment banking companies do not accept deposits and offer loans, instead they are dedicated to helping corporations or individual clients who need financial guidance to grow their business. In fact, they serve as consultancy firms and help clients decide on their next business move. Nowadays, many government officials, private institutions and business owners are opting for global investment banking services.

A graduate of Columbia University and Georgetown University Law Center, Robert N. Vohra has spent over 20 years in private legal practice, with extensive experience in transactional law and domestic and international tax law. He also possesses considerable experience in general corporate representation and litigation on behalf of business entities involved in various industries. At present, he is a Managing Director at Longstreet Worldwide LLC, and heads the firm’s east coast operations from Washington, D.C. Longstreet Worldwide LLC is a multinational real estate and energy investment banking company that offers a wide range of services, including acquisition, consulting and structured financing on projects ranging from 25 million dollars to 750 million dollars. With offices in Asia, Europe and North America, the company strives to bridge the gap between project funding and international capital.

Robert N. Vohra also served as the President of Sherwood Capital Corporation, worked as an agent to large real-estate firms, international corporations, and investment and pension funds. He has previously worked at Vohra & Associates, PLLC; Knapp, Marsh, Jones & Doran, Los Angeles; Shawn, Mann & Steinfeld, Washington DC; and Thiemann, Aitken & Vohra, LLC, Alexandria, Virginia. Robert N Vohra is admitted to the New York, California and District of Columbia bars, and holds a real estate salesperson license and a Life and Health Insurance insurance.

Corporate News All About The Business

world in which we live is most happening place in terms of business and
finance. Business news is complementing the entire arena of the
corporate world when it comes to the larger extent of decision making
and augmenting the process of redefining the growth process. As an
individual when you are moving forward to the best management decisions
and corporate strategies, it’s always mandatory to call upon a process
where thoughts are rectified and process is transparent.

business decisions are somehow and somewhere very much dependent on the
happenings and events that keep the greater impact on the business
endeavors. Take the instance of the recent recession that has gripped
the economy in very decisive manner. Hundreds and thousands of the
organizations were either stopped the business executions are slashed
their work force in larger extent to survive against the hard times.

only in India but across the globe this recession and financial
downturns made the things harder to manage and maintain. The people now
become very cautious while taking the investment decisions. They do
believe now on the expert advice and the market news comes from several
resources. Cyberspace is now flooded with number of resources that
allegedly offer stock news and expert advices for all those who are
interested to make big money from the business. The reason being is that
sometimes the authenticity and the reliability of these sources are
always on the dock.,
a dedicated venture of Network 18 is best and most applauded place
where all the corporate news and business events are listed in very
comprehensive manner. The news from various sorts of corporate domains,
the market news, corporate trading fundamentals, rising and falling
status of the stocks and several other beneficial suggestions and
advices are the splendor of this business portal.

The business
specifications offered on the portal are suggested and devised by
the business experts and the industry legends with immense experience
and skill base in business mechanisms and different stock scenarios.

Types Of Employment Pass In Singapore

If you are planning to put up a business in Singapore or just live and work there, it is important to consider some legal factors to make your stay a legit one.There are many choices for what should be the employment pass you need to get for you and your family.

When it comes to employment pass in Singapore the two main consideration is the salary and education.Work experience so do your age and nationality will also be a consideration.

Provided that several people are certain of a minimum of ONE factor of their employment criteria, employment pass options will be presented around key individual criterion to expedite identification of the employment alternatives available to you. Given below are the key variables that may affect the corresponding work pass options.

The Regular Employment Pass

This pass is split into 3 different categories (P1, P2, Q1) and is largely dependent on salary requirements.For P1 the salary should be above S$7, 000, for P2 it should be above S$2, 500 and Q1 is above S$2, 500.A diploma or certificate from a prestigious is required for EP.This will be on case to case basis.If an employer wants to hire an individual, they should take care of the EP for them as well as provide sponsorship for them.Therefore, the EP is only valid for the specific job it states, and if you leave that job, you will require a new EP.EP holder’s family will now be permitted for Dependents Pass that will be valid along with EP.Even if the family will not be given the chance to have the dependent pass, they will still be given the chance to have a Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP).This does not apply for Q1 holder family members.Having a DP or LTVP alone, does not allow the pass holder to work in Singapore, a relevant work pass is required.

Personalized Employment Pass

Personalized EP will be applicable to foreign individuals whose monthly salary is minimum of S$7,000, foreigners who graduate from Singapore universities, as well as current and former P1 holders whose last salary was above S$30,00 annually and current P2 and Q1 holders with at least S$30, 000 annually.Salary and work experience is being considered and that the individual should not be unemployed for six months so that he/she will be allowed to apply. Personalized Employment Pass holders’ families are eligible for Dependent’s Pass as well as Long Term Visit Pass.


For investors and foreign individuals who want to put up a business in Singapore, EntrePass would best fits them.The main requirement to be eligible for an EntrePass is to have a company registered with ACRA, the organization that deals with Company Registration in Singapore.Q1 and P are the two types of EntrePass which largely depends on the salary. The main things needed for an EntrePass are, the company should have a minimum paid up capital of at least S$50, 000 and 30% ownership and that the individual is active in the whole operation of the business.Owners of coffee shops, bars and night clubs are not allowed to apply for an EntrePass.The legit family of EntrePass holders are now permitted to apply for Dependent Pass and Long Term Visit Pass.

Dependent’s Pass

Dependent Pass will be applicable to family members of Singapore EP holders, Personalized EP holders, EntrePass holders and S Pass holders.Requirements should be met first before applying for dependent pass.Spouse of the holder and child of the holder who is below 21 years old is allowed.New born babies, legally adapt children and step children are also accepted. Past the age of 21, some DP holders who are the children of the work pass holder may be eligible to apply for a Long Term Visit Pass.The valid duration of EP, Personalized EP, EntrePass or S pass is the same with DP. DP holders are permitted to work in Singapore but should have a work permit.Working in Singapore is not allowed in DP but living and studying are only the inclusions.

Long Term Visit Pass

Long term visit pass will be applicable to the family of P1 and P2 EP, P1 and P2 Personalized Ep and P EntrePass holders.Common law spouse, unmarried daughters above 21 years of age , handicapped children which age is above 21 years old, step children, parents, parents in law are considered the direct family.Those who are above 21 years old of a work pass holder will be liable in providing for themselves and is not allowed to live in Singapore based on the working situation. However, daughters who are originally DP holders can apply for LTVP when their DP expires.60 months or 5 years will be the validation of LTVP.Much like a DP, a LTVP does not authorize employment of the LTVP holder, and LTVP holders must apply for their own relevant EP before being able to legally work in Singapore.

From the summary of main work pass types it should be possible to identify at least one that is relevant to

you and your family.To get enough knowledge on the pass that will be applicable to your family, take a visit on Singapore Ministry of Manpower website.If a professional service firm will help in incorporation of business in Singapore, then they will also be a big help in this matter.It is fact that the businesses in Singapore is achieving a lot.The qualifications for getting work permits is not that high for foreign investors than any other offshore business.Meanwhile, the whole process for application of work permits will be more organized.

Refrigeration Engineering A Rewarding Career

If you are looking for a career in a technical field particularly in engineering, air conditioning & refrigeration engineering is a good choice. It has good career prospects considering the fact that many businesses and industries rely on refrigeration engineering. From food and packaging industry to high consumer appliance industries, all require engineers for temperature-based processes. Moreover, salaries are very good in this career. The spectrum for jobs and openings is not limited to industrial applications. Residential needs for air conditioning are also taken care of by refrigeration engineers. The aspects involved in this career profile vary from installation, maintenance and servicing to development, research and design of new technologies.

There are many reasons that make it a popular choice:

Development of new technologies leads to the creation of new opportunities.

The nature of the field provides scope for the development of new methods and research.

The high demand and need for refrigeration applications ensures the constant availability of job opportunities.

Since, it is a highly technical career; the salaries are very attractive under the profile.

Specialisation in different aspects relating to refrigeration air conditioning provides more skill and grip about specific applications. From understanding client needs and requirements to designing the blueprints and plans, fall under this career option. Hence, we can say that scope is not limited to field job. This field provides constant challenges to test your skills and knowledge from time to time. Food industries, super stores, super markets, food chains, cold storages, shipping industries etc. – all need an engineer for climate-controlled environments to be maintained.

There are many colleges, schools and institutes where one can study air conditioning engineering. Thermodynamics, energy conservation, air conditioning etc, are some of the main subjects related to this career. In addition to this, one can opt for higher-level education in the same field to build a strong knowledge base. Relevant certifications are also provided to confirm a persons capability to work in this technical field.

Therefore, an engineering career in refrigeration is a good choice as it provides high-paying technical jobs and constant scope for development and growth.

Career Planning – Are You Following a Planned Career Path or Simply a Series of Jobs

Successfully managing your own career is critical for your
financial and personal well being. Yet it is rarely pursued on a
strategic or informed basis. Career planning, particularly in the
technology field, is more and more the responsibility of the individual.
Particularly, since most people today end up working for many

The overall basis for more successful career management
includes developing plans that are applicable at different stages in
your working life. And even more important if you plan on a career
change after 50.

Although living in the information age, there is
few comprehensive job information and planning resources available
online. Exploring a career versus job information is more readily
available once you have focused on a career path, such as technology or
even further, within a specific industry.

When employed the
employer generally provides training, successive jobs, and a defined
career ladder to the degree that it unites with the organization’s needs
and objectives. Outplacement counselors generally help people focus on
job searches rather than career plans. Recruiters are looking to fill
job positions with top candidates for employers who are their clients
and normally do not provide career planning services for individuals.

can generally fit career planning as having three major phases: early
stage from ages 16 to 33; middle, from 34 to 52; and later, beyond 53.
Many times, early career choices are highly influenced by parents,
relatives, teachers or close friends. The choices of technical schools,
colleges or graduate schools, as well as majors, begin to focus
interests for career paths.

It is important, in the early stages
of a career planning, to carefully make choices, as initial decisions
can have a major impact on longer term career success and ultimately,

Mid-stage career planning and effort usually reflects
the initial experiences and jobs one has had with his or her early
career. It generally is an extension of that experience. At this stage,
there may be a thread of a career track, but job moves and knowledge
growth during this phase that are not well planned or executed can
result in important limits to career-growth.

Late-stage career
planning frequently results from the need to find the right position in
one’s career after an early retirement or a reduction in force. After 50
career planning at this stage generally reflects more entrepreneurial,
part time, or flexible working arrangements. This is when traditional
employment limitations as well as long developed interests come more
into focus.

Career planning at each stage of a person’s working
career can best be analyzed by considering the following: (1) Take stock
of your career. Define your career and objectives at regular intervals
preferably at least once a year. Do it in writing. (2) Research and
identify possible career options that could meet those career
objectives. (3) Evaluate your skills, personality, training and
experience. Develop a plan so you can pursue your career objectives. (4)
Make a decision as to which career options are the best. Build a plan
in the near, medium and long term to reach your career objectives. (5)
Be flexible as you monitor your progress. Refine the plan, challenge

It’s critical for you to invest in career planning
during each stage of a successful career for short-, medium-and
long-term achievement. Ask yourself, are you following a well defined
career roadmap or simply working a succession of jobs? If you said yes
to the latter, it’s never to late to get started.

An Introduction To Workplace Conflict Resolution Management

Conflict resolution management is one of the most important aspects of business management. The long term success of a business depends on the extent to which the employees cooperate with each other, pick each other’s brains, and work towards a common goal to increase business profitability. So, it is your responsibility as a business owner to make sure they get along well with each other.

When it comes to business conflict resolution, you have two choices. You can either resolve the conflict by yourself or you can bring in a mediator to deal with it.

Dealing With It Yourself

First, you should ask yourself if you have the necessary skills to deal with a workplace conflict. If you do not have the required skills, you might end up making a bad situation even worse. The consequences, needless to say, might affect the business badly.

If you are sure you have what it takes to resolve a workplace conflict smoothly, you can start off by listening to both the parties involved. Ask them to explain their problem and suggest a solution to the same. Once they do, compare the solutions offered by both parties and try to find the middle ground. Try to find a solution that satisfies both parties.

Once you successfully resolve the problem, keep a close eye on both parties for a while. This is an important step in conflict resolution management. Check back once in a while to see if they have worked out things and if they get along with each other well.

Getting a Mediator

If you think you cannot handle the problem, you can get the help of a professional mediator who has the required expertise and experience.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a mediator is that he can find an agreeable solution to even the most complex of workplace problems. This can save you a lot of time, effort, and money that you would have otherwise wasted on the problem. Moreover, if someone from your family or one of your relatives is involved in the conflict, there is always a risk of your verdict being seen as biased or prejudiced. To avoid this problem, you can bring in a third party mediator who can analyze the problem objectively and offer the right solution.

Business conflict resolution experts usually rely on their instinct and experience to find out what the problem is, what caused it, and who is telling the truth. Based on what they infer, they offer a solution that all the parties involved in the conflict can agree with.

Helping Employees Deal with Workplace Conflicts

A lot of companies and independent mediators these days offer conflict resolution management programs that can teach your employees how to recognize and resolve a conflict in the workplace. These programs create awareness about workplace problems, their consequences, and the detrimental effect they have on an employee’s productivity. They also help employees develop the skills required to resolve conflicts in the workplace.

Encouraging frequent, consistent, and clear communications is one of the most effective ways to reduce ambiguity, uncertainty, and office politics. Business conflict resolution experts say that it increases transparency, boosts the morale of employees, and makes them believe in your leadership qualities.

Does a payday loan really solve your financial problems

People resort to payday loans or cash advance loans when they are out of cash and need to meet some emergency expenses. These loans are quite popular amongst the cash-strapped people. This is because payday loans can be secured quite easily.

However, payday loan lenders charge a high interest on these loans. Many a times, people can’t afford to pay off these high interest loans and get into debt problems. So, question arises as to whether or not these loans are financially helpful in the long run.

Have a look at the article to know whether or not payday loans really solve your financial problem in the long run.

Payday loan – How it offers financial help to you

Go through the following lines to know how payday loans can help you financially:

1. Easy to obtain: You can obtain payday loans quite easily. You can apply for a payday loan online. This implies that you can apply for a payday loan while working at your office and get the money within 24 hours. Once you fill out the online application form, the payday loan company will deposit the money in your account within 24 hours. You can use this money to pay a bill or the school fee of your daughter.
Many a times, lenders refuse to lend money to the consumers with poor credit. But this does not happen with payday loans. You can get instant cash from a payday loan company even with a poor credit score or a foreclosure on your credit report.

2. Complete privacy: You financial information is not revealed to any one. No one will even know that you have taken out a payday loan. You can just take out the loan (to pay an unexpected hospital bill) and repay it by the next payday.

3. No need to pay advance fee: You won’t have to pay any advance fee for a payday loan. This is obviously a great advantage for you. You won’t have to pay anything just to secure the loan.

Payday loan – How it may lead you to deep financial woes

Glance through the following lines to know how payday loans can lead you to financial problems:

1. Exorbitant rates: Some payday loan lenders charge extremely high interest rates on the loans. You can even be asked to pay around 500% interest rate on the loan. This can make it very difficult for you to repay the loan.

2. Hidden fees: Payday loans often come with hidden fees and charges. For instance, file charges and transferred fee. These fees can increase the outstanding balances substantially.

3. Scams: A lot of fraudulent or illegal payday loan companies operate in several states. These companies offer easy and instant cash to the people. Sometimes, they even deposit money in the accounts of people without their prior consent. Later, they call the people and demand for money. The scammers even threat people to take them to court.

If you do get into the vicious cycle of payday loan debt, then you can take advantage of debt relief programs. You can enroll into the payday loan debt settlement program to ditch your debts. You can approach a payday loan debt settlement company for this purpose. The representatives at the company will help you settle your debts comfortably.

The Etoro Forum The Efficient Approach To Forex Forums

The eToro forex forum, thanks to its wealth of forex information and discussion topics, can seem a little daunting at times. That is why it is important to know how to approach such a valuable educational and informational resource in order to make the best of it. Going through each thread individually in search of the question or issue you are interested in can be exhausting and futile. The eToro moderators do a superb job of sorting out the various threads into their categories, but the answer you’re looking for might very well be hidden in a thread whose title has nothing to do with it. How then can you get the information you want without having to read the entire forum?

The answer is simple: use the forum’s search function! When you enter the term you’re looking for the search engine will do the work for you by finding any post or thread in which the term is mentioned! It seems obvious enough, but most people are tempted to try to find the answer themselves before they realize that the forum is basically a searchable database, a fact that it would be in anyone’s best interest to take advantage of.

Not that there isn’t a lot to be said for just browsing the forum with no specific intent. Many times you will encounter things that you would never have thought to search for exciting new strategies, innovative approaches and future speculations.

And then of course, there the most sure fire way of getting an answer to whatever your question or query may be: simply start your own thread. Even if no fellow trader comes to your aid, which is highly unlikely, our forum moderators will be only too happy to give you the benefit of their forex knowledge and expertise. It may be a slower way of getting answers, but this way you are sure to get a direct answer and you will also be adding to the informational database for existing and future forum users.

In any case, the eToro forex forum is there for you to use and to enhance your forex knowledge. Learning to use it to your advantage can make a huge difference to your forex learning and forex trading experience. For those traders that just starting out in forex trading, it is doubly important to participate in eToro forex forum. If you have any trouble understanding a forex concept, or if you have any question relating to forex, posting your query in the forum will get you various answers within minutes.

Sap Business One Implementing Notes Adding New Fields And Tables

In comparing to other ERP and Small and Midsize Business Accounting applications, SB1 is more flexible and where traditional system may require programmer to code the custom logic and then integrate it with existing user interface and the database – SAP BO may have this custom logic to be easily set up in User Defined Tables and User Defined Fields, and SAP B1 software developers already supplied simple user interface to work with newly created objects, let’s us show you how. We will be assuming that you are on SAB BO version 2007A, international version 2007B should be the same if you translate our article to you local language, and if you are on SB1 2005A/B, you should be able to find the same functionality in slightly different menu paths:

1.OK, let’s assume that you need few new fields to be associated with Business Partner, such as Statement Type: email or mail. You will need new field on the Business Master table, the field should be named Statement Method, it should be Drop Down List with two options: Email and Mail. Please, open Tools->User Defined Tools->User Defined Fields-Management. Expand Master Data, Business Partner, highlight it and click add button at the bottom of the form. Name the field Statement Method, give appropriate description, alphanumeric, Structure: regular, mark Set Valid Values for the Field and click new to create Email and Mail options in this new DDL. Now, open Business Partner and pull out existing customer, for example. in Menu: View->User Defined-Fields and you should notice that New Small Windows is now open to the right of the Business Partner Master Data window, here you may select Email or Mail from DDL, when you will click on OK (or Add, if you are adding new Business Partner/Customer), Statement Method will be saved together with the regular Business Partner info. For those of you who are IT people or Software Developers, please click on View->System Information and then place your cursor over new field – you will see that it is created in OCRD table (Business Partner Master Table)

2.Let’s come out on the fresh air and between us, who are Corporate ERP consultants discuss, what we just saw. In other more traditional Corporate ERP, MRP, CRM, Sales Order Processing systems, etc., this is legitimate so-called “customization”, where programming is required or at least recommended. SAP Business One does the job in out-of-the-box install with five minutes long setup procedure. Please, relax and expect more surprises, let’s move on to new custom table creation

3.User Defined Tables. Tools->Customization Tools->User Defined Tables Setup, here give it the name, description, and select No Object if the table will be stand alone, or select Master Data if it is supposed to be linked to Master Data table, or Master Data Rows (in you plan to link it to Business Partner Address, which is Master Data Row classified table), Document (if you plan to link it to AR Invoice, or other legitimate document header), or Document Rows (if you plan to link it to AR Invoice Inventory Item or Service Line, for example). In our example, let’s try to be moderate and give you just simple example, we would like to create Non-Inventory Item Monthly Cost table, which is No Object. Give it the name, description, and then Tools-> Customization Tools->User Defined Fields Management, expand User Tables, highlight Non Inventory Item Monthly Cost and click Add: Add Year, Month and Cost fields (feel free to apply your judging on the type). Now, let’s enter the rows into newly defined table. User Defined Windows, select your newly created table and feel free to enter data there. Small comment, SB1 designers looks like were trying to make our life easier, so the created two mandatory fields: Code and Name, we recommend you to enter unique values there

4.SAP Business One Executive Demo or technical presentation. Via Web Session and Phone Conference you can request this service being USA, Canada Nationwide, in Europe, Brazil, Latin America and Internationally

5.Second Opinion on SB1 implementation or modules selection. This service is popular if your local SB1 reseller failed in challenging implementation, when you have to do complex Data Conversion, Integration to Legacy Systems, including Lotus Notes, Oracle Custom DB, legacy ecommerce

6.SAP B1 as Publicly Traded Multinational Corporation local branch ERP. SB1 licensing is relatively cheap and considering the fact that it is localized (translated to local languages in the majority of the countries: Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Israel, Russia, China, to begin the long list; plus it is certified with foreign countries tax agencies). Special considerations to the customers, where their corporate ERP is not localized in the overseas branches. Good example is Dynamics GP Great Plains, it is only supported in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Arabic countries, Spanish Speaking Latin America and English Speaking South East Asia. If you have Dynamics GP Great Plains as your Corporate ERP in USA or Canada, please consider SAP Business One in such country as Brazil, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, etc., for your local branch with GL or even full data consolidation to Dynamics GP via Great Plains Integration Manager. SAP Business One allows simple data export to Microsoft Excel, or you can do exported data marking on SB1 SQL DB level

7.How to get help? Please, call us: 1-866-528-0577,

With NRAS Investment Property Earn Positive Cash Flow

When you are interested in investing with properties in New South Wales, you may want to include NRAS Investment Property on your options. Investors who partner with this provider have enjoyed the Positive Cash Flow in their income. Everyone knows that the rental rate is low but because the risk of vacancy is less likely, constant income is still being in your pocket every month. There can be many packages that other providers offer but NRAS Investment Property has well-designed homes and flexible options. You are sure that the packages you purchase with them to invest as rental homes will sustain for a very long time with low maintenance cost.

In any property investment provider, it is good to know that the firm is affiliated or partnered with experienced and highly reputable planners, builders, and architects in your area. In this way, they are familiar with what the dwellers want in these rental homes and the amenities are expected to be what everyone in the society would love to see. Since these packages are situated mostly in one area, there can be less hassle in looking over for your rental homes. No need for you to travel from one place and there is total control over your property. NRAS Investment Property will assess you as well with all that you need under the program. They will keep you on track and make sure that you get what you deserve, the wholesome amount of yearly incentives.

NRAS Investment Property also implements further the No Deposit Housing concept in their packages. When you work with the right provider, they can give you this option. The chance of owning more than one or two packages is higher and the profit you can earn is being maximized. That is why they would encourage you to buy packages by bulk. Best providers can be no need for you to work with banks or other lenders since they have all that you want for your business. This will save you time and money with all the hassle of the processes that you have to go through. NRAS Investment Property will make it easier for you.

For your investment property needs, seek the guidance of NRAS Investment Property and their reputable affiliates. For sure, your future will be secured and stable. Since this program last for 10 years of you earning the yearly incentive, you will be able to save for your retirement or invest more to other interest that you want. Therefore, when you aim to succeed on your property investment in New South Wales, consider NRAS Investment Property and earn Positive Cash Flow like No Deposit Housing.