How Bruce Kovner Started With Only $3,000 And Ended Up Making $11 Billion Trading Forex

Bruce Kovner was a NYC Taxi Cab Driver who didn’t have money to trade forex. So in 1977, he borrowed $3,000 on his credit card and started his journey trading forex and futures. He eventually made $11 Billion.

Many people don’t know his name. But he is a legend of forex trading who started with no money and ended up making a true fortune. This is a lesson to all those who procastinate and think that trading forex requires a lot of money. What this story shows is that anyone with determination can start trading forex with no money and end up making a fortune. Now, don’t take me wrong! This does not mean that you and me can repeat the success story of Bruce Kovner. What it means is that if we want we can also make a mini fortune something like a few million dollars in the next few years trading forex.

Forex is a huge market. Everyday something like $3 trillion get transacted in the global forex market. You too can take part in this global forex trading game and if you are really good at it claim your share.

How do you play a game? With determination and will power to win the game. This is exactly how you should also play the forex trading game.

Now, as shown by Bruce Kovner, you don’t need a lot of capital to play this game of currency trading. You can start with only a few hundred dollars and over time compound that small amount into a huge fortune.

However, what you need is the right methods and the right forex trading strategies. This requires determination, effort and learning on your part. But one thing is clear money is not important in starting forex trading.

What is more important is your mind, your discipline and your determination in winning the forex trading game. Trading is all about discipline and right strategies.

Let me give you another example of Richard Dennis. Richard Dennis is another trading legend famous for his Turtle Traders. Whatever, once upon a time, he was a small time trader. He started trading commodities with only $300. Guess, how much he made eventually in the next few years? He made $200 million plus. What these stories illustrate that all great traders had started small but they had the determination to succeed big. You too can follow in their footsteps. You don’t need money to trade forex, you only need determination and the right skills! Good Luck!

Careers After 50 – Valuable Tips to Manage Your Career Now!

Four valuable tips to manage your career now to make you more
valuable to your current employer, prepare you for another job or build
you career foundation for a planned career change.

Careers after
50: it’s never too late to maximize your career opportunities. With
cutbacks all around us, outsourcing and tight budgets, even layoffs,
it’s vital you get the most out of your job and maximize your career
while you’re still employed.

Take a close look at your current
benefits. Are you maxing out your 401k? If not, get it done. How about
the medical plan? If you have elective surgery planned, now is the time
to get the knee fixed. Have a dental plan? Get to the dentist. Have
tuition reimbursement? Build up your career related skills. Is there a
valuable seminar or workshop you should be attending? Get it on your

Beyond the company benefits the real advantages to your
career are not found in the employer benefit programs. By building on
your training and experience you can better manage your career by
acquire new training and skills that will add to your abilities in your
current career and could qualify you to additional career opportunities.

are four tips to improve your current value to your company and boost
your worth for an internal promotion or add to your attractiveness by
managing your career and if you are in the market for a different
position or a career change after 50.

Build Your Achievement File: Go
back over your time with your current employer and list all your
responsibilities and achievements. Quantify every accomplishment. List
any promotions and how your achievements led to the move up the ladder.

the time, content and what you learned in all training completed. It
can be an in house training on a new system or software program up to a
credit course at a local college to distance learning on the internet.

where many career builders drop the ball. Keep a record of all
thank-you comments both internal and external, handwritten complimentary
notes from the CEO or your boss on a project or exceptional action that
you did, positive notes from employees and other department heads all
should be in your “atta-boy” file.

This means you can look back
over your career development and management and if necessary draft a
current resume without missing something important.

Look For Chances to Grow and Shine: Look
for ways to do things better. Initiate actions to solve a problem,
reduce costs, improve customer service or increase sales. Volunteer to
work on projects, improve your team work building skills to be the go to
person when your boss needs something done.

Build your career
skills in areas you may be weak, like public speaking. Maybe a
toastmaster’s membership will help. Don’t miss an opportunity to
represent your employer to outside groups and customers.

Add to Your Education: Career
education is not restricted to formal education or something that only
directly relates to your career. It could range from in-house training
on functions outside of your career, systems and software, seminars and
workshops, self-study and a career planning reading program.

building your career; as you learn new skills and more about other
functions of your employer you spotlight you teamwork skills and
highlight your professional career development. All are valuable in
maximizing your position within the company.

Network Building is an Under-Used Career Benefit:
Building and managing your career skills that many do not take
advantage of is working with your network of contacts. Working with
coworkers in your career field, mentoring as appropriate, coaching, and
learning are but a few of the advantages to you as you make use of your
network contacts.

Your network should include friends and previous
coworkers, college contacts and customers of your employer. Making and
fostering new contacts should be an integral part of your career
building program.

Also, don’t overlook networking opportunities to
work with individuals in other departments on company charities and
other company related activities. It will just be added chances to
assist others and build your network.

These four tips on building
your current career will not only improve your position with your
current employer but will develop other skills that could be valuable if
you elect to change careers or need to move to another employer. Taking
advantage of the opportunities all around you is just good for your
personal development and good for managing your career.

eINDIA 2013 – ICTs in Financial Inclusion

eINDIA 2013 – ICTs in Financial Inclusion

Our upcoming event::

FIPS(Financial Inclusion and Payment System)on 24-25 October Please visit ::

About Us

Elets – A platform for disseminating creative ideas on ICT

Elets Technomedia is a technology media and research company that focuses on ICT in government, education, healthcare, agriculture and rural development sectors. Our mandate is to provide effective information on latest development in different ICT tools, techniques and their applications across our verticals through premier print publications, online portals and premier events, seminars, conferences and summits. Elets has created a name for itself as a technology media and research vendor of choice.


To strengthen and facilitate knowledge sharing platforms engaging with partners across the globe through International conferences to provide cross-cultural grounding to stakeholders and participants To provide stakeholders with a platform to share models of best practice, knowledge and experience on a range of issues in the domain of ICT in Governance, Education, Health, security, Urban and Rural Development To mobilise the communities towards creating a digitally informed knowledge society based on shared understanding

Elets Focus Areas

Elets provides an unmatched versatility for working with multiple partners and consultants to mutually share knowledge. With a vision to provide effective information on latest development in different ICT tools, techniques and their applications across various verticals with focused reference to governance, education and health, we

a) bring niche monthly publications;

b) provide knowledge exchange fora and

c) conduct research projects, primarily through Events & Conferences.

Support During Career Transition Keeping Upbeat and Focused

Do you sometimes find that as soon as you take that leap and
decide to make a positive career change, you’re met with criticism and
resistance from those around you? They tell you why it’s a bad idea and
try to persuade you not to follow your dream.

Luckily, it only
seems that way. One of the biggest challenges that many people in career
transition face is trying to convince their families, friends,
coworkers and the people who know them best, that change is a good
thing. At a time when everything is in flux, it’s tough for us to
reassure people we are headed on the path to success despite any
obstacles which may surface along the way. We may even be uncertain
ourselves! And because we frequently experience the most resistance to
our ideas from the people who mean the most to us, it can FEEL like our
core support system is caving in. But don’t worry, I assure you it’s

As a certified career coach who has helped many people
overcome obstacles and who has paved the way for my own career, I make
sure my clients know where to find the best type of career support, at
the time when they need it most. Here are five sources where you can
seek out guidance, education–even commiseration!–during your career
transition period.

1. Career networking – both online and in person.

are tons of career-focused networks and resources on the internet and
in your local area. To locate them online, do a Google search. Check out
your home town paper to find out where the best career focused
communities are hiding. Go out and mingle with like-minded professionals
who are seeking a change in their own careers or who are currently in
the career you want to pursue. Participate in workshops, contact your
college alumni office or attend a networking event. The information is
there for the taking, all you have to do is seek and you shall find.

2. Individual career coaching.

my site I offer what is known as Co-Active Coaching – a style of
coaching that empowers the career seeker to find the right answers on
their own and navigate their career course in a way that feels right for
them alone. A good coach will never just hand you instructions, but is
there instead to offer expert advice, an objective viewpoint, positive
encouragement and suggestions to help manage your goals effectively, in a
manner that works for you.

3. A career seeking buddy.

it isn’t easy being that “horse of a different color” in your group of
friends. If everyone you know is consumed with their corporate job but
you have a strong urge to strike out on your own, you may get some
resistance from those who can’t relate or are fearful you might be
making a mistake. The solution is not to try to persuade the naysayers,
but instead seek like-minded people or a supportive friend to
commiserate with, share experiences with, and bounce ideas off of. It’s
so important to feel like you have someone who understands what you’re
going through during the sometimes unpredictable yet exhilarating career
transition time. You can find a career seeking buddy by following up
with some of the other points in this article–for example, visiting
online and in-person networks where career seekers converge, taking a
career education course or career teleclass and reaching out to
classmates, or even asking your career coach to introduce you to others
in her circle of contacts.

4. A mentor or someone who has “been there.”

there someone in your life who you admire because they didn’t follow
the status quo, created their own path or just seem to be living out an
amazingly full and satisfying life and career? Maybe you have a friend,
relative, or acquaintance who started their own business or managed to
interweave creativity and flexibility into their professional life in a
way that stands out from the crowd. Now is a perfect time to ask for
advice and guidance from that person, listen to their story, learn from
their mistakes, and apply this knowledge to the changes that you’re
going through in your own career. Most people are more than happy to
share what they have learned. The experience is sure to be enlightening
and you will be making a friend and professional contact in the process.

5. Career education courses.

Newspapers, career publications, public libraries, online career resources and even my career website,,
are all great places to discover reasonably-priced career education and
transition courses. Become armed with the knowledge needed to begin
your journey on the path to a more fulfilling career. I myself offer a
terrific and inspiring Career Seekers Teleclass that’s held several
times per year. It’s a fantastic support program for those who are
interested in coaching but either aren’t ready to invest in individual
coaching just yet, or really like the idea of participating in a group
where others are going through the same thing you are. For more
information, visit my website at the bottom of this article.

you’re striving for a positive change in your life, the goal is to seek
out experiences and people that help you pursue that goal, enhance your
knowledge, and offer positive feedback. It’s understandable that our
human support group won’t always exist in the places where we’re used to
having it… but help is out there. I have confidence that you will
receive the guidance and understanding you need to move forward with
your dream of the ultimate career for you. Good luck!

Copyright 2006 Hallie Crawford, Authentically Speaking. All rights reserved.

High Return Investment In Pakistan

Often people ask me to tell about the most profitable or high return business in Pakistan. It is hundred million dollars question because business people could earn millions of dollars by knowing about most profitable or high return business. Without taking anything, I am presenting full feasibility report on most profitable or high return business.

There are many most profitable or high return businesses but food business is particularly profitable. Here readers should understand that it is period of recession and slump around the world. This slump is higher in Pakistan due to many reasons including electricity load-shedding, law and order situation and unrest in Pakistan. Thus here only food business provides safe investment.

Poultry and eggs business proved to be one of the most profitable. It could give seven times profit on investments. Take chicks which cost 35 rupees per chick. Grow them for less than around two months until it become one and half kilogram chicken. This size chicken is selling in around 220 to 255 rupees in Pakistan. One can easily analyze this stunning return of profit.

Further, there not many large or organized poultry business companies in Pakistan. Demand is very high. Infect chicken is always short. Chicken business people are earning billions of rupees daily. People are unhappy about this high price of chicken these price. Businessmen and companies can easily make market by offering lower prices.

I conducted personal research and investigation for knowing business secrets. Please consider giving me donation if you find this idea useful or donate when you start making profit out of this business.

Handling a No-Compete Employment Clause

Is it possible to walk away from your employer and join its competitor? If there was a non-compete clause in your employment, this may not be this easy. Majority of employers have a restrictive clause in the employment agreement that you need to sign before you join any organization. This restricts your scope of employment later.

If you did not get an employment attorney to review your employment agreement before you signed it, you may have no idea about how the non-compete clause affects you. Moreover, it is enforceable as per the Florida Statutes Section 542.335 under certain circumstances. Here is a quick look at the details.

When is such an agreement enforceable? The agreement is enforceable only if it protects a legitimate business interest. Here are the acceptable ones:

Trade secrets
Confidential business information of substantial value
Relationships with prospective/existing customers of substantial value
Customer goodwill related to a business or the geographic location of a business
Training of extraordinary/extraordinary nature

Moreover, the restrictive clause must be reasonable in nature and duration to be enforceable.

What legal consequences may you face if you violate this clause? Such an action may lead to financial penalties as well as injunctions to restrict further violations. In most cases, an employer would ask for a temporary injunction and a subsequent hearing. The court may order such an injunction within three months from the date of filing in Florida.

What do you do if there is an allegation of violation? The most important thing to do is find out a Fort Lauderdale employment attorney for consultation. It was possible to avoid such a legal hassle if you consulted him/her before you signed the non-compete agreement. However, it is never too late.

What strategies may you use for defense? The most popular strategy in use is to prove that the employer was at a breach before your breach. Suppose your employer failed to pay you the leave pay you were entitled to get. In such a situation, the court of law may deem the agreement not enforceable.

If the restrictive clause in the employment agreement is too broad, in scope or duration, the laws permit the Florida court to -blue pencil’ it. In such a circumstance, the court may reduce the restrictions of the non-compete agreement. Your employment attorney knows best which strategy to use if you ever face an allegation of violation of the clause.

How People Really Explore New Careers What Does A Real Career Search Look Like

The traditional model of career choice suggests a linear pattern.
Get to know yourself. Learn your kills and talents. Explore careers
that seem to best utilize your talents and skills. Today, both research
and experience suggest that real career change doesn’t happen this way.

What’s real? Serendipity and zig-zag patterns

researchers find that nearly every career path involves an element of
serendipity. John Krumboltz of Stanford University published several
articles on this topic in respected journals.

Herminia Ibarra’s
research at Harvard Business School demonstrated that career change
tends to follow a zig-zag pattern rather than a straight line, with two
steps forward and one step back. She found limited value in extended
introspection and self-analysis. See her book Working Identity.

What about testing?

Career coaches and counselors are divided
on the subject of tests. Some insist that all their clients undergo a
battery of tests. Others dismiss tests entirely. One career counselor
says, “I can learn more about a person from astrology than from any
personality tests.” One coach asks clients to define themselves as
“earth, wind, fire or water.”

Before you pay for testing, I
encourage you to ask what you hope to gain from the time and money you
invest. Be aware of the limits on what tests can do for you. After all,
if you could just take a battery of tests to forecast your future, we
wouldn’t hear from so many job-frustrated people!

So why don’t tests have all the answers?

job is much more than a series of skills. Every career or profession
includes an ambience – style, working conditions, flexibility of time.
Often it’s not the work itself that drives people out of the field. It’s
the “other stuff.”

Take teaching, for example. You love kids and
want to work with them and you don’t mind earning less than your
corporate counterparts. Your workday ends at three and you get summers
off. You get a decent pension and great benefits.

However, that’s not the whole story.

Your day begins as early as 6:30 AM.

You give up a lot of personal freedom. There’s no phone on your desk
to make a call home — and certainly no privacy to talk. A quick trip
to the bathroom? Someone has to cover the class. The students go home at
three – but you have papers to grade, meetings to attend, and perhaps a
rehearsal to direct. Your school district rewards test results, not
creative learning.

Another example. Now let’s say you like to earn
money and solve math problems. Are you ready for a CFO job? Each
company has its own culture, of course, but in general the business
world values image and style. You have to be comfortable moving through a
hierarchy and giving the appearance of respecting authority.

line: Your aptitudes and values may drive you to teaching, but you will
soon be searching for a new career if you are a night person who also
values workplace autonomy.

If you have been working a long time,
tests often show you are perfect for the job you hold now. After all
these years, you’ve probably internalized values and attitudes of your
profession — and you obviously have enough aptitude to remain employed!
Clients frequently come to me after paying hundreds, even thousands of
dollars for midlife, mid-career testing. “A waste,” they say ruefully.

the other hand, your college-age children may benefit from testing,
especially if they are thoroughly confused about their first career
moves. College testing centers often employ high quality professionals
because they train counseling students there.

Tests may not help
you balance tradeoffs. Your aptitude and values may point you to a
nature-loving outdoor career, but you realize there are few jobs
available and those won’t pay enough to live on. You have to be creative
if you’re going to make this combination work. The question, “How can I
enjoy my love of nature and still earn a good living?” might best be
discussed in a series of one-to-one conversations with someone who
understands the career jungle.

On the other hand, strong
motivation can compensate for low aptitude. In her book Crossing Avalon,
Jean Shinoda Bolen writes of her determination to become a doctor,
following a strong religious experience just before she entered college.

easily aced her liberal arts courses but struggled with sciences. At
one point she received a midterm “D” grade in a zoology course. Yet she
was accepted to a fine medical school and became a respected
psychiatrist, Jungian therapist and best-selling author.

In a
corporate setting, what appears to be test effectiveness may be
self-fulfilling prophecy. MegaBig Corp administers aptitude tests to all
applicants for sales positions. Only those who achieve a score of 80
out of 100 are hired. Those who earn 95 or higher are identified as
high-potential superstars and sent off to special training. Managers, of
course, see scores of their new hires, and they report a strong
correlation between sales success and scores.

If you really wanted to test the tests, you’d administer tests to
all applicants, hire a sample regardless of scores, and refuse to
disclose test scores to supervising managers and trainers. Few companies
would be willing to do this.

However, in one study, researchers told high school
teachers, “Here is a list of IQ scores for your class.” In reality, the
“scores” were locker numbers! Those with higher locker numbers
mysteriously out-performed those with lower numbers.

The teachers
tried to be fair, but anyone who has taped a classroom knows teachers
can give subtle cues of approval, disapproval and support. Managers can
do the same.

You probably can’t refuse to take a corporate test, but you may be in a position to ask some tough questions.

Before you spend money on tests, ask these three questions.

Do you need to take tests to obtain this information? If you’ve been a
successful accountant for ten years, you probably have a knack for
numbers and details. However, testing may enhance your confidence if you
feel shaky.

Elaine, a top executive in a Fortune 100 company, had
been promoted to vice president in a male-dominated specialty. However,
Elaine was getting nervous. There were only three or four departments
like hers in the entire country and, if her job ended, so would her

Elaine visited a career counselor who began with a battery of tests.

“The tests show I’m very organized and I’m a good manager,” she reported happily.

dealt with thousands of pieces of paper each week and had been a
highly-paid manager for over ten years. Her friends were not at all
surprised by Elaine’s test scores. However, Elaine had received little
praise or validation from her own management. She wanted those test
scores to bolster her confidence as she began her midlife career

(2) Who will be administering these tests? University
counselors work with bewildered undergraduates seeking their first
jobs. Outplacement counselors work with experienced corporate
executives, many of whom want a job just like the one they left. Find a
service where you resemble the other clients.

Tests must be
interpreted to be useful. If your counselor starts to gush about your
intelligence or creativity, you may indeed be the next Einstein or
Michelangelo — or you may be in the wrong testing center. If your
counselor hopes to sell you on follow-up sessions, she’ll be highly
motivated to come up with a story that leaves you feeling confident and

Often test results are written so ambiguously that
they could apply to almost anyone — a frequent critique of both
astrology and Myers-Briggs. Overly specific recommendations can be
equally useless. What will you do if the tests suggest you should become
a police officer or a funeral director?

Have some fun. Pick any
of the sixteen Myers-Briggs profiles. Ask a few friends to take a test.
Pretend to score the test and then hand your friends the profile you
chose at random. Nearly every time, your friends will say, “That’s me!”

However, be careful. Studies also show that people have trouble
shaking their beliefs in bogus feedback, even when they’re told it’s

(3) Who designed these tests?

Some assessments are carefully designed while others have no more value than a light-hearted quiz from a popular magazine.

you are asked to complete an assessment or test, don’t be shy about
asking questions. If you want to push some buttons, ask about
reliability and validity. Ask whether the test was “normed” on a
population that shares your demographic characteristics.

“Self-validation” is a bogus concept. As we have seen, there are many reasons you might say, “That’s me! How accurate!”

One skeptic has put together or a solid critique of a popular test, the Myers-Briggs scale.

Line: Alas, there is no magic genie who can direct you to a new career.
Tests may feel more scientific — but recent career research suggests
that career-changers to listen for messages from serendipity and their
own intuition. In particular, when learning to navigate a new career
world, you need to develop creative strategies that allow you to plan
realistically while remaining open to surprises that, ultimately, change
your life

I offer one-to-one consultations on career strategy.

Payday Loans, Payday Loan, Cash Advance with 24-7 Cash Advance Loans

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Incredible Bullion Tips For Secure Investment

Volatility is the most evident reality you come across in stock market. This identity carries on with everything, regardless of whether you are trading in commodities, metals or bullions. A large number of investors today are more than interested to trade in bullion commodities given their inherent inclination to invest in gold and silver. However, because of its fluctuating nature, bullion market turns out to be a tough turf for investors and that is the reason why market experts stress on playing safe. If you are an investor and optimistically hope to benefit, you will largely benefit if you keep these bullion tips handy.

Some expert recommended gold tips

A significant sum is at stake when you invest in gold. So as to help you maximize returns and secure your investment, it is advisable keep track of the everyday market developments. Howsoever small or large your investment, a thorough research about the demand and supply ratio of metal you have invested is essential. Never be assured about your profits based upon some speculations; rather associate with a dependable agency that provides adequate financial information together with valuable silver and gold tips.

While it is true that trading in silver and gold can be primarily profitable, it is better to be aware of the stumbling blocks and follow the experts advice at every step. If you make use of the smart bullion tips provided by your financial advisor, you will definitely minimize loss thereby securing your money.

Why are gold tips so imperative?

A professional agency will send everyday tips through calls or SMS. But do you know how experts arrive at specific conclusions before sending you the tips? There hints are based upon intraday commodity reports of trade analysts. Commodity experts closely monitor the price fluctuations and prepare dedicated charts to spot their insights. Bullions have significantly attracted investors for one reason bullion prices rise at an unbelievable pace. But that itself is a cause of risk for the investors. Apparently, it is direly essential for financial agencies to check the market and care their investors money by way of gold tips.

Precisely, tips are the fuel for your investment goals. Ruling out the uncertainties of bullion market, bullion tips carry an assurance. Your reliable financial advisor will aptly provide an accuracy rate close to 95%, which is far steadfast in generating profits from gold and silver. You may have to pay a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual subscription fees to avail the tips, but if you are aiming to generate huge revenue from the bullion market, this investment is worth.

Be prudent with your investment. Choose the smarter approach to secure your money by subscribing to bullion tips with a professional financial firm.

Be The Boss With An Online Business Management Degree

If you’re a natural born leader, or you like the idea of being in charge, a career in management might provide a great fit. As in practically any field, education is the key to climbing the corporate ladder in business. Earning anonline business management degree could help you to find a rewarding career where you’re the boss. Many people are unhappy in their current job, but lack the time and motivation to go back to school and would benefit from online learning. An online business management degree program can qualify you to work in top business positions and earn a competitive salary.

Why Online?

Business is an area particularly rich in opportunity for advancement. Often though, working professionals who have full-time jobs and other responsibilities do not want to abandon them to return to school. Earning an online business management degree is convenient, and the nature of online education allows students to continue working or taking care of a family while they earn additional credentials.

In addition, in today’s highly technology-driven society, developing advanced computer and technology skills can give one candidate an advantage over another for a job. Coursework for an online education platform is completed online from your home computer. Because of the opportunity to make a lot of money and gain authority, the business world is extremely competitive. The additional skills and credentials gained through an online business management degree program can provide the extra push that a student needs to succeed in a career in business.

Here are 10 jobs you could have with an online business management degree:

1. Office Manager

A career in office management is pretty self-explanatory. An office manager oversees employees and makes sure that the workplace runs smoothly day to day.

2. Human Resources Manger

A company’s HR department creates the connection between a company and the outside world. Management within the department controls tasks like recruiting and hiring, and they also implement or change company policies. This particular position is the head of the department.

3. Management Accountant

Rather than being employed by an accounting firm, management accountants work in-house for a company. They record and analyze a company’s financial data and use this to help strategize a better financial plan for the business.

4. Retail Store Manager

Traditionally, many stores were run by an experienced salesperson that was promoted to a management position. But today, many stores choose to hire college graduates to oversee employees and the daily operations of a retail store.

5. Operations Manager

A business needs someone to oversee its daily operations. Like general management, operations management participates in practically every area of business function and acts as an authority to employees.

6. Human Resources Generalist

Like human resources management, a human resources generalist is in charge of supervising operations within a company’s HR department. This person also plays an important role in determining company policies and solving issues that employees may have.

7. Business Analyst

The main responsibility of a business analyst is to make sure that a business operates efficiently. They dictate work flow among employees and create opportunities for new profit opportunities by analyzing business functions.

8. Financial Controller

A financial controller is generally the head of an accounting department. This person controls things like audits, profits, and budgets in larger companies that house these departments internally. They are responsible for producing accurate and critical financial reports.

9. Marketing Manager

Within a marketing department, a manager determines a demand and develops marketing strategies for meeting it. They also monitor trends to develop marketing opportunities and oversee other actions of the department, such as implementation and reports of marketing strategies.

10. Financial Analyst

A financial analyst observes and studies trends in the stock market and analyzes them to make smart business decisions. They advise a business on how to spend its money in order to maximize revenue.

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