Why Princess Diana Collectibles May Be A Better Investment Than Stocks And Shares!

With the current credit crunch, the threat of banks collapsing and the very bumpy ride ahead for the stock market, you may wish to consider alternative ways of investing your money.

Have you ever thought about investing in royal ephemera?

What’s that? You may well ask. And how do you pronounce it!

Collectors of royal ephemera (the ph sounds as an ‘f’) invest in paper based collectibles which emanate from the royal palaces and commemorate events in the lives of the monarchs. These items can date back to the 17th century or from more modern times – just cast your mind back to the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. Invitations to the royal wedding in 1981 are now selling for amounts in excess of $400!

The scarcity value of royal ephemera means that your investment is much more likely to increase over the long term.

With many years experience dealing in ephemera and royal ephemera in particular, I have had the pleasure of handling many beautiful examples of rare royal stationery. However, if you do consider collecting ephemera, I have the following words of advice.

If you ever contemplate buying a royal letter, it is always advisable to buy a complete letter as “cut outs” can very often be easily forged. Obviously, with my years of experience it is very easy for me to spot whether an item is genuine. You should take great care to ensure you are not buying either a facsimile, (copy), hand stamped document (a stamp engraved with the signature), or auto-penned signatures (a signature reproduced by a printing process). I am afraid that the only way you can tell for sure if a signature has been auto penned is to compare it to an original signature.

Queen Victoria was a very prolific letter writer, to the extent that for those she corresponded with regularly, she would have envelopes printed. Although they would have been printed on her official stationery and hence would have her embossed cypher, they are extremely good reproductions of her handwriting. This process has caught out many collectors and in particular there is the famous letter of 1887, when Victoria wrote to thank members of her household for the present that they gave her to celebrate her Golden Jubilee. Even a major London auction house was caught out some years ago when they listed one of these items as being written in her hand.

From the reign of George V, you will find many commissions and civil awards which have been endorsed with a printed hand stamp.

When King Edward Vlll came to the throne in 1936, after the death of his father, many of his signed documents were also hand stamped. He simply would not have had enough time to sign personally the huge amount of documentation that went out from his office.

The auto pen process was first used by the Royal Family in the early 1960’s, whereby Queen Elizabeth’s signature (Elizabeth R) would be reproduced automatically. In particular, this applies to her Christmas cards, signed Elizabeth R and Philip, and care must be taken not to pay large sums for what are quite common items. When Prince Charles married Princess Diana, they also used the auto pen process for their Christmas cards, and there are unscrupulous dealers who do not differentiate between the auto pen and original signatures. Needless to say, there is a vast difference in the value of these items.

In certain circumstances, you will be parting with a substantial amount of money for rare royal ephemera. If you take the time to research the
item before you agree to buy, you may save yourself both money and heartache. And once you have ascertained that you are dealing with reputable dealers, don’t forget to ask them to provide a written guarantee of authenticity. If you do purchase an authentic item, you will almost undoubtedly have an asset which will increase in value in the future.

How Can I Apply For Payday Loan With No Bank Verification

Especially when financial deficits pop up, borrowers prefer fast cash payday loan online for quick cash infusions. While these loans are known for heavy interest rates and fees as stated by the legislatures with the expectation to curb by launching legislation to control payday lending they are considered as an option of financial safety by most consumers when it comes to fill the gas tanks of cars and pay off utility bills or bear emergency expenses. Also called as no tele-track or quick cash loan, payday loan fast cash can easily be passed with no bank verification.

1.First off, determine the actual amount of money required by you from other sources or from verification-free payday loan. Most financial institutions lend payday loans only for within 1000. Payday loan is not for you if you require amount larger than that. Since payday loans are offered with heavy processing fee and interest rates, payday loans are considered to be charged with annual rates of over 600%. But it is still better option than borrowing cash from other financial sources like personal loans, home equity loans or borrowing from family members because it gives the feeling of freedom and it increases the credit score if you pay your money back on time and in full.

2.Apply for verification-free payday loan personally. This way, you can visit some local payday loan agencies on your neighborhood. There are many payday lenders who can provide loan in cash online without making any trip over there, without any bank verification.

3.Ask the payday loan agency with whom you are working with. The agency will give you estimate of processing fee and interest rate to be charged on you in written. This way, you can avoid unwanted surprises in future. Make sure to keep in mind the date when you have to pay off the loan amount. Also consider the penalties you might have to bear if you make late payment of loan.

4.Submit a copy of your driving license to the payday lender. This is for the verification that you are above 18 years old. In addition, you will have to provide a postdated check to the lender for the borrowing amount with interest.

5.Make sure to pay back your loan on time. Payday loan agencies usually make most of their earnings by charging late fees to the consumers in case they are failed to pay back their loans within deadline.

Payday Loan Phone Scam Update

Payday loan collection scams continue to make the news. Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson recently filed separate lawsuits against five payday lenders that made loans to borrowers with annual interest rates that were higher than allowed by law. The lawsuits also allege that the companies violated Minnesota law by making loans to Minnesotans without being properly licensed by the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

“Many people are living paycheck to paycheck right now, and unlicensed internet lenders offer easy credit. This credit comes with a hefty price tag and often leaves a rash of problems in its’ wake,” said Attorney General Swanson.

The five companies against which the lawsuits were filed are:
Flobridge Group, LLC of Utah
Integrity Advance of Delaware
Silver Leaf Management of Utah
Sure Advance, LLC of Delaware
Upfront Payday of Utah

Phony Payday Loan Collection Scam
In the past, our team researched and shared information about a payday loan collections scam. Hundreds of readers from all over the country posted comments about their personal experience with this type of scam. Unfortunately, we must report that this trend continues.

Attorney General Swanson said that, in recent months, some consumers who have taken out or even just explored the option of short term loans have been exposed to a payday loan collection phone scam.

Some consumers who did not even take out a payday loan, but who only submitted a full or partial application online, have been reporting that they are being harassed by overseas scammers who threaten to have them arrested if they do not pay, even though the consumer does not owe any money. These scam artists call the consumers at home or work, often pretending to be lawyers or law enforcement, then they demand large payments, and they frequently attempt to scare and intimidate consumers into paying with threats of arrest or legal action against them or their families. Our team here at DailyDollar has also received reports of threats to tell their boss at work.

Attorney General Swanson’s Advice To Consumers
Before doing business with an internet payday lender, DailyDollar advice is to make sure that the company is licensed to operate in the state in which you live. For example, someone living in Minnesota could refer to the Commerce Department for the state of Minnesota to determine if the company is truly licensed in that state or not before doing business with that company.

Small Business Strategy For Determined Business Owners Who Want To Be Rich

small business strategy lies squarely on the bedrock of your marketing
system; and if you don’t have a marketing system and you’re not working
on developing one, then you have no small business strategy. Full stop.

If you only ever listen to one thing I give you, then let this omne thing be it.

succeeding in business is important to you, then there is no
alternative but to take small business marketing very seriously indeed,
and to educate yourself to become excellent at it. Frankly, the degree
of marketing competence I see displayed by most small business owners is

The furthest most of them go is to have some fuzzy
notion about the need for more business, and then to leave the rest to
chance, hoping, wishing and even praying for punters to walk through the
door or hit their website and buy something from them. But hope is a
lousy strategy for success.

Yet the inescapable and
unquestionable truth is marketing is the No. 1 activity every business
should be focused on, because it’s the only thing that brings in
customers and clients. And business means sales; sales means profits (if
you’re doing things the right way). And profits keep the lights burning
and food in your belly.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a
successful marketing system, you need to accept most of what you hear,
believe, and probably think you know about marketing and small business
strategy is incorrect. The business world is dominated by marketing
myths, and they serve no one but a few phonies.

Small business strategy tip # 1: Marketing is a money maker

small businesses work with a marketing budget. That’s mistake No. 1,
and a very dangerous small business strategy. Yes, you read that
correctly: I am saying you should be willing (and even eager) to commit
an unlimited sum of money in your marketing.

Here’s why:
marketing is expected to make money. If it doesn’t, you shouldn’t be
doing it. So, if it makes money, then from that it follows for every
pound you put in, you get more than a pound back, right?

That’s your return on investment. Just like the bank paying you a premium

Small business strategy tip # 2: see your marketing system as a money machine!

now let’s pretend you have this superb marketing system and you know
from experience there’s a 90 % probability every time you run it you’re
going to make a handsome profit. A nice place to be, right?

Right. (it’s eminently feasible for your business, too).

the above … if for every groat you pump into your marketing system,
it spits out a groat and a half, or two groats or ten every time you
push the “go” button, then would it be the action of a rational person
to limit the number of times you press that button just because of some
daft “budget”?

Nope. If you had any sense at all you ‘d keep
pressing that button like a rat with a wire in its brain pumping in the
shots of “happy juice”

is precisely what takes place when you have a suitable small business
strategy and a tried, tested, and proven marketing system.

This is one of those “too good to be true” things that basically IS true. Deal with it.

Small business strategy tip # 3: Look before you jump in

is one caveat: never invest more than you can bear to lose. In certain
cases — it happens — external events work together to annihilate your
campaign with no forewarning. That’s why you limit your direct exposure
per run of your campaign.

The smart thing to do is determine your
evil “budget” as a portion of profits, so the more you bring in, the
more money you can plough back into your marketing.

More than
once small business owners have said to me they can’t do any more
marketing this year since they don’t have the budget for it, even though
their marketing is making them a profit. Some years ago, right at the
beginning of the 2007 recession, I heard a real estate agent say she was
stopping all of her advertising, even though it was the only thing
bringing in business. Now THAT is insane..

Madness – a small business strategy destined to failure.

Small business strategy idea # 4: How to make marketing pay

Just how do you know when your marketing is working?

When it’s making money.

How do you know that?

By ruthlessly and fanatically recording and evaluating everything you do.

lies the problem for a lot of small business marketing: they track and
test absolutely nothing. Instead, they model the “big boys” and churn
out useless “image” and “brand” marketing which can not be assessed in
terms of results. And small business owners can’t bear the luxury of
ineffective marketing.

So the “secret” here is to ensure your
small business strategy is designed in a way to let you track every sale
to the marketing activity that brought it in. Right down to every
email, postcard and sales call. You can never ever have too much
information about this, since it’s the difference that’ll make you

flashlight 1000 lumens – Innovation at Peak!

Flash lights can be used in number of situations. Whether gone for an outing, excursion, hunting etc the flashlight 1000 lumens is a must in all these circumstances. They are of great assistance and help in various ways in expeditions. People need to be careful while purchasing them as the quality matters a lot with flashlight 1000 lumens. The P7-F1 TrustFire is just one quality light in this category. It is an LED light that has three modes for light supply low, strobe and high. >

The emitter type of P7-F1 flashlight 1000 lumens is SSC P7 and the LED circuit is of direct drive type.The spring of such lights bring good amount of solidity and looks to its frame and here too the spring is coated with silver and is made up of steel. In the range of flashlight 1000 lumens this one has a very sleek design and its finish is also very good. The runtime for this flash light is about 1000 lumens for 90 minutes which is also very good in comparison to other lights of the same range.

The material for lens is glass and the tint type of LED is SWO. The construction other than the spring is completely made up of aluminum and the reflector for TrustFire flashlight 1000 lumens is of OP aluminum. It terms of power consumption it runs on a single battery support of model number 18650. The working voltage for this flashlight ranges from 3.7V to 4.2V and to work at its hundred percent capabilities the temperature of the surrounding has to be from 25 to 65 degree centigrade which is a very common range.

The technology used in this is very advanced and with its help the flashlight 1000 lumens offers a very bright and clear light. Being water proof it enables the owner to use it in any type of condition. The flashlight 1000 lumens are quite light in weight and compact in size thus carrying it is also not a problem. These flashlight 1000 lumens offer matchless support for professionals. Patrolling men, searching teams and policemen use them extensively in their work.

The range of light in these flashlight 1000 lumens is quite long and this also makes the work easier. For personal use too these flashlight 1000 lumens accessibility is very good. While camping or mountaineering these flashlight 1000 lumens are of great use for people. In the absence of natural light at night these flash light work wonderfully well to make the work convenient and comfortable.