Hyip, Hyip Monitor, And E-currencies They Accept


Here Id like to talk about e-currencies that HYIPs accept.

The most popular e-currency is Liberty Reserve. It has become wide spread in the HYIP industry since it is non-reversible. So please be aware of programs that promise you to get your money back from HYIP! All of them are SCAMs! There is no way to return the money involved in a scam HYIP. Another advantage is that LR has low fees just 1% for transactions inside system. Liberty Reserve is well-known as a reliable and safe system. If your API is off, there is no way to hack your account, otherwise your money can be easily stolen by hackers. And that is why there are few HYIPs that implement instant withdrawal. To credit your account or to withdraw money from your Liberty Reserve account, you need to apply for exchanger since Liberty Reserve doesnt support direct withdrawals to bank account or credit card. Liberty Reserve is also popular among HYIP monitors thanks to its reliability and convenient interface. Any HYIP monitoring systems will prefer Liberty reserve as its stability is proven by the years of successful work.

Another popular e-currency among HYIP programs is Perfect Money. Same as Liberty Reserve, it is non-reversible. The fee for transfers inside system is 0.5%. The advantage of this system is that unlike Liberty Reserve it supports withdrawals to bank account. However this option costs $100 + 3%, so I dont think it is a big advantage. After the foundation of this system in 2007 no one considered it seriously because of the amateurish design. However over the time system has proven to be an excellent tool for HYIP investment. PM is also popular with HYIP monitor admins thanks to its low fees and easy-to-use interface.

These two e-currencies are used by a majority of HYIP programs and HYIP monitors. Moreover, most HYIPs use these systems as the only payment processors for HYIP investment. Sometimes HYIPs also accept such e-currencies as AlertPay, SolidTrusPay, StrictPay, GlobalDigitalPay and C-Gold. However, their HYIP investment share is very low.

I want to talk separately about HYIP programs that accept PayPal. PayPal is a reversible payment processor, so the HYIP admin takes great risk using this e-currency. In addition, PayPal regularly makes verifications of his users, that is why HYIP programs, that accept PayPal, are the most trustable and worthy for HYIP investment. Probably you will never see a HYIP monitor that uses PayPal as a payment tool, but it doesnt mean that HYIP monitor admins try to hide their personal information. HYIP monitoring is not connected with the risk of losing money, as it is just a tool to check whether a certain HYIP pays or not.

As a result of this article I want to point out, that most HYIPs prefer to use non-reversible e-currencies. It means that HYIP investor must understand the responsibility he is taking investing in a certain HYIP there is a chance to lose money. How to avoid it? Just do your research, visit various HYIP monitors to check the status of a HYIP you are going to invest in, check forums and blogs. The more HYIP monitoring systems you will visit, the more information you will have about each program, the more confident you will feel investing in a certain HYIP. HYIP investment will not be so risky if you have all necessary information about HYIPs!

Thank you for reading this article and good luck you in the area of HYIP INVESTMENT!

Innovation – It is Essential to Competitiveness

forces, including a rapidly expanding marketplace (globalization)
leading to diversity among consumers, increasing competition, decreasing
budgets and personnel are as much at the heart of difficult challenges
confronting technology companies these days as the tight economy. Even
in the best of circumstances, staying competitive is more difficult than
ever. In the worst of situations it can feel down-right desperate.

“rise-and-fall” nature of today’s environment is evident all around us.
The secure, stable markets of yesteryear are rocked by disruptive
technological advances and increased competition while small start-ups
rise seemingly unchallenged, to great heights. Why? The conditions that
determine competitive advantages are changing at an unmatched velocity.
Creativity and innovation are the keys to the success of organizations
in bracing up to and rising above these challenges.

After three
decades of dismissing product innovation with claims that it doesn’t
increase the bottom line, many companies have now come to the conclusion
that ongoing product innovation is the
essential factor for organizational success. The former attitude comes
about in no small part because history abounds in examples of
organizations that have expended tremendous amounts of money and effort
on product innovation programs that had little direct value in the

Almost all now appreciate the role of product
innovation in their prosperity, most are still in search of effective
and efficient ways of producing that innovation. Aligning resources and
practices or culture when there is a lack of background in generating
product innovation is a daunting and formidable task.

In fact,
improperly conceived product innovation programs can be almost as
dangerous as a “sit still” policy. In the mid-1970s for example Exxon
correctly identified office automation as a significant opportunity.
They also correctly understood that they shouldn’t attempt the product
development internally and purchased a company in the space. What they
did misjudge was the speed of product innovation in the office
automation arena which was vastly different from their own. The result
was unmitigated failure as they were never able to innovate near the
front edge of the curve.

The truth is, successful product
innovation should match the capabilities of the organization, the needs
of its customers, the realities of available technologies (and their
actual progress) as well as the impact of new emerging technologies,
budget, the market impact and organizational goals.

everything going on in every market, the environment and economy, the
circumstances speak volumes to many organizations about the need for
change. The marketplace opportunities currently point toward the need
for breakthrough product innovation over the incremental variety. This
requires imagination, insight and a fundamental organizational structure
that can examine and exploit creativity – one that enhances innovative
efforts to realize both short and long terms goals.

But how? To determine the electronic product innovation strategy best suited to the situation, consider these factors.

this information in hand, a productive and flexible innovation process
presents itself and a logical sequence for tasks emerges

An organization can
hold its competitive edge and stay ahead through a focus on and
effective use this golden key – innovation. Innovative companies are
those that keep their eyes & ears open to opportunities presented by
change and that can respond with fresh ideas and correctly targeted
action to keep them growing and profitable.

A Good Forex Trading Platform and Brokers

If you have any intentions of getting into the world of foreign exchange, you’ll need a good forex trading platform. You are going the need the help of a brokerage firm as well. This article will give you some insights on what to look for when choosing a good platform and broker.

A forex trading platform, basically, is a program wherein you’ll be able to buy and sell foreign exchange. The platform can also give you various charts that can help you make decisions. These charts are about indicators that affect the rise and fall of a currency’s value. They can also show you up to the minute trends and daily trends. For someone who’s new in the business, MetaTrader 4 can be a good choice.

Part of MetaTrader series, this program is deemed relatively easier to use compared to other similar platforms. To test how it actually works, you can download the software from the website of the forex broker of your choice. Brokers often give this program away for free. You can also find it in websites that offer free software. But to be sure, just download it from a brokerage firm’s site.

Using MetaTrader 4, however, will require a trading account. That is, if you want to practice using it as if you’re really trading currencies. But again, you can open a trading account with a broker. You can even get a demo account – one that doesn’t require you to deposit money in it yet. You can search online and you will find a handful. It might be easier for you if you choose a broker that provides a free MetaTrader platform and at the same time, provides a free trading account. That way, you wouldn’t need to download from two different sources.

Another advantage of downloading the forex trading platform and opening a free account with one broker is the Customer Support. The moment you download a demo account, you automatically become a prospect client in their eyes and you can contact their support team. This means that if you have questions regarding the software or the account, you’ll only need to call one number. It spares you the trouble of having to contact two companies when you haven’t even opened a real, regular account, right?

Using this strategy will also give you a good feel of how the forex broker works. This practice or demo period is a good way to determine whether that broker is the right one for you. If you’re not satisfied with the program, the account, or the customer service, you’ll have time to move on to a new one.

Bridegette Sean Forex Enthusiast Forex Trading Platform

The Importance Of A Sound Financial Planning And Wealth Management Program At The Bank

In response to the current global economic environment, individuals are becoming more serious about personal financial planning and wealth management. Financial planning is all about generating greater Return on Assets (ROA), growing market share, and solving foreseeable problems for banks and their clients. Wealth management is a wide-ranging service designed to manage, protect and enhance the financial goals of an individual. Together, these services help individuals to protect their finances from changes in the economy and secure their financial futures. Every bank customer, regardless of his/her financial standing, can substantially benefit from having a sound financial plan and wealth management system in place.

For most individuals, planning their financial futures can be a daunting task. This is why it is vital for a banks wealth managers to have the appropriate knowledge and tools at their fingertips to help their customers feel comfortable with their financial decisions. It is no longer sufficient to simply have good wealth managers at the bank. Todays wealth managers need to be superior relationship managers who can put customers at ease and assist them with their unique financial journeys.

Many banks wonder how they can transform their wealth managers from good to superior. The answer is simple: training. A credible staff of well-trained wealth managers will retain existing customers and secure new customers while increasing profitability for these customers, as well as for the bank itself.

The Benefits of Financial Planning
Clients have an endless array of needs when it comes to financial planning. For the wealth manager, there is no common client since there are infinite reasons for clients to engage in financial planning.

Financial planning forces clients to identify their goals and priorities and make educated and well-informed decisions about their money. It also requires clients to look at where their money is going and begin to direct it in the appropriate direction, rather than wondering what happens to it each week. Being prepared financially can help ease the stress of unforeseen expenses and help clients plan for the future, which will lessen some of their financial woes. It does not matter how much money a client makes; everyone can find themselves in a financial struggle.

Financial planning helps to eliminate unnecessary spending and allows for better monitoring of cash flow. For most customers, a specific event or need, such as receiving an inheritance, losing a job or having a new baby, triggers the desire for professional financial planning guidance. However, clients should be advised not to wait until such a situation occurs; instead, they should seek financial planning services before an unexpected event or catastrophe affects their financial position. It is crucial that wealth managers receive proper training early on in order to understand how to fully assist clients in these situations. A comprehensive training program that includes hands-on exercises and real-life examples will provide wealth managers with all of the vital knowledge and skills they need to walk clients through each step of the financial planning process. With this education, wealth mangers will feel confident in their abilities to assist clients in creating an overall financial plan.

By creating an overall financial plan, clients will be able to focus on and control the many financial components that can benefit them and their families long-term, such as:

Savings and investment plans.
College and retirement planning.
Tax management.
Estate and insurance planning.

The Foundation of Financial Planning
The foundation of financial planning is budget creation. Though many individuals are familiar with the term, most do not understand the basics of budgeting. Simply put, a budget is a financial document used to project future income and expenses. There are several steps to establishing a budget:

1.Clients must understand that the first step to creating a budget is to determine how much income is taken in from their primary jobs.
2.Next, fixed expenses must be identified and accounted for. This includes having the client list all predictable expenses, such as rent or mortgage payments.
3.The final step in budget creation is determining variable expenses, which generally change in amount and cannot be completely predicted.

A wealth manager is responsible for not only identifying a clients budget, but establishing special precautions, such as for variable expenses, which are a major building block of financial planning that are often overlooked. With other more noteworthy expenses, clients usually neglect to think about the expenses they acquire on a typical day. Wealth managers must inform their clients that these expenses are an extremely vital component of wealth management and financial planning. They are ultimately subtracted from a clients income to calculate his/her net income. Wealth managers are responsible for documenting their clients spending in order to determine any monetary leaks, construct an accurate budget, and help clients to reach their long-and short-term financial goals.

A training program that addresses these important aspects of wealth management will ensure that all wealth managers are well versed in budget creation and expenses. In turn, this will lead to increased levels of client confidence, secure in their belief that their finances are being adequately planned for by the bank, now and far into the future.
Why People Fail to Plan
People fail to plan financially for a number of reasons. They often feel that they do not have sufficient assets or income to warrant planning or that their affairs are already in good order. However, both of these assumptions are usually wrong. Regardless of the amount of income or assets that a client has, s/he should be advised to start a financial plan as soon as possible. It is essential that wealth managers are fully capable of providing sound guidance for each clients individual concerns and financial needs.

Sometimes it takes a lot of effort for a client to walk into the bank and seek financial planning assistance. The client may feel very reluctant to discuss his/her financial background with a stranger and wary of sharing such personal details. If a client is not immediately reassured by a friendly and caring wealth manager, s/he may dismiss the idea of financial planning entirely. This is where training on how to handle all types of customers and their emotions plays a huge role. Clients can easily pick up on wealth managers who are simply reaching out to them in order to make a profit rather than actually caring enough to assist them in planning their finances for the future. Properly trained wealth managers will be able to better serve the needs of all clients and remain in tune with each persons individual needs and requirements.

Who Needs Wealth Management?
Almost everyone is in need of wealth management. Individuals have numerous personal and financial goals they strive to achieve for themselves, their families and their futures. Even though individuals have varying degrees of unique financial planning needs, financial planning and wealth management are beneficial for everyone, from the common person to the High Net-Worth Individual (HNWI), who makes more than $1 million per year.

Wealth mangers must be trained on how to best advise both HNWIs and their standard customers to ensure that they are making the best decisions for their current and future lifestyles. HNWIs require all-encompassing financial planning with a controlled base for managing their cash. These individuals are usually more willing to seek the help of a wealth manager and can more easily detect a wealth manager who has not been appropriately trained in his/her duties.

All people, regardless of income, status or class, want to know that their money is in safe hands and want to feel completely assured that the wealth manager assisting them is the very best. It is very obvious to customers when a wealth manager is uneasy in his/her position, which can be red flag for these individuals to seek other options for financial planning services providers. To avoid losing customers to competing banks, wealth managers must receive continuous training that will enhance their confidence in their position, which will translate well to confident clients who continue to patronize the bank.

Understanding Client Goals
Successful management of wealth depends on an in-depth understanding of clients goals. The overt characteristics of those goals will establish the correct strategies, return requirements and risk levels that the client should follow. Understanding client goals is the most important step of the wealth managers relationship with his/her clients, as it will establish the entire customer-bank relationship.

The financial planning process involves the translation of personal objectives into specific plans and finally into financial arrangements to execute those plans. A well-organized cash management system must be developed that is able to project net cash flows for at least the next two or three years. This will identify the amount of excess cash flows or deficits, as well as their timing and their causes. By looking forward, wealth managers can help clients plan for the use of funds in years with a cash flow excess while also minimizing the cost of raising cash in any deficit years. Meeting lifetime goals is a constant process, and goals will inescapably change as time goes on. Therefore, it is vital for wealth managers to be continuously kept up-to-date on the latest industry trends and practices in wealth management.

Characteristics of an Ideal Wealth Manager
Wealth managers must always remember that they are giving clients more than investment and financial planning options; they are providing them with peace of mind and soundness now and into the future. The ideal wealth manager possesses the following characteristics:

A positive and energetic attitude.
Great communication skills.
Problem-solving and analytical skills.
The ability to be persuasive, reassuring and discrete.
An ethical approach.

Each of these characteristics must be present for a wealth manager to be considered excellent rather than just good. A consistent training program will enable wealth mangers and financial planners to further develop these skills and acquire additional ones that will increase their ability to help clients, which in return will boost the banks profits and reputation.

There are two things that banks should always remember when it comes to training: training is never finished and they can never over-train. Banks often make the mistake of believing that their wealth managers have already been trained adequately or that their wealth managers do not require much training because they are already great employees. However, to keep motivation high, customers happy, and maintain the success of the bank, new training and tune-up training sessions must be instituted. Even the most successful wealth managers can greatly benefit from a refresher training program that introduces them to new industry knowledge, best practices and financial planning trends.

Training is the only surefire way to transform your good wealth managers into superior, knowledgeable, responsible, ethical and energetic wealth managers just the type of individuals that clients are looking to do business with! Bank profits will soar as existing clients become increasingly satisfied with the service they are receiving from the banks wealth managers, and when they begin to recommend the bank to their family and friends as a result.

Final Word
With todays unsteady job market and financial turmoil being felt throughout the world, now is the time for banks to evaluate their current wealth management and financial planning systems in order to entice existing customers, draw in new customers and ultimately increase overall bank profits. More and more individuals from all financial backgrounds are seeking out institutions with sound and established wealth management systems in place in order to properly plan for the future and manage their current assets and income. Therefore, training is not just beneficial to the bank, it is necessary to achieving continuous success and upholding the banks reputation as a sound financial institution with educated and supportive wealth mangers who can help clients plan today, save for the future and be assured that their money is working for them.

Small Business Phone Service Can Take You to to The Next Stage

Communication is a precious approach of sharing information, as well
as in making your organization competent to create a larger reach
approach in marketing and advertising. Keep in mind without a business
phone service, a company’s reach out value over its specific clients is
confined. This really is the key reason why a small business phone
service for small and mid-size organizations is totally integral element
of the company’s success. In actual fact, the breakthrough also of the
worldwide web has added the communication worth of a whole lot of firms,
merely because even a quite modest organization which is connected to
the worldwide web could reach out a lot more customers in others nations
around the globe. This suggests the net has given up an equal playing
level field for both small and larger companies, mainly because both the
big and small firms can take advantage of their own advertising and
marketing campaign online. This doesn’t make any difference at this time
whether you might have giant or small corporations on the subject of
online advertising and marketing.

The small business phone service will now have an
equal playing field with enormous organizations having a greater group
of communication specialists relating to marketing and advertising reach
online. The reason, basically because all of them will have the option
to really benefit from the worldwide market. The competition is no
longer in whether you have bigger facilities prepared with cutting-edge
and most pricy phone service systems, however on the type of
communication abilities your staff members has. Any person from both the
small and enormous firms will have the power and strength to outsmart
each other relating to online advertising and marketing campaign.

of all sizes are taking benefit of small business phone service systems
to in gathering their operating necessities. Telecommunication firms
will offer you services to small and mid-sized establishments, as well
as to giant companies getting various networks. Within the past few
years, these business phone services enhanced considerably. With
additional attributes and greater service system than the analog phone
system, this kind of service proves to be extraordinarily beneficial to a
business. Regrettably, small-sized businesses not really have the cash
to find resources for these types of attributes in a phone service. With
the enhancement of Voice over ip telephony, the wants of small
businesses of the products available in the market correct for them have
broadened. A good number of businesses are assessing their business
phone services and so are thinking about cutting edge methods to achieve
competitive advantage. This is why, the small business phone service
testifies to be really powerful in service and in price tag. It is
usually evaluated determined by 3 criteria: capital expense, operating
costs and also service attributes.

Enjoy A Career In Nursing

Nursing degree means bachelors degree in nursing that enables you to enter into a nursing profession with requisite qualification.

If you are in nursing profession you must ensure to take admission sooner or later into online associate nursing degree program, in order to enhance your path to career progression. In fact without a nursing degree your career growth will always remain limited with no scope for progression. There are many areas of nursing nowadays, which means that qualified nurses can enjoy a choice of career.

The availability of online nursing degree makes it, to move into a specialist area of nursing. To learn more about our online nursing degree programs, you should surf various websites of colleges to know more about the courses being offered.

Nursing degree offers a high quality education to those looking to enhance their skills and knowledge, and to improve their career prospects. There are various universities and colleges that offer a variety nursing programs that may fit to your needs. These online nursing degree programmes therefore makes it easier to gain the necessary qualifications to progress your career in the nursing profession.

The nursing degree in fact facilitates you to upgrade from online associate nursing degree and therefore allows you to gain the necessary qualification to enjoy a brilliant and promising career in nursing and to move into a specialist area of nursing. In order to become a registered nurse in any state you need to pass online associate nursing degree from a reputed college. The only difference between a regular and online nursing degree program is that, in the case of latter, you do not meet personally your fellow students or instructors but the interaction is through online discussions and conferences and has rather proved equally beneficial.

The course content is constantly revised by online nursing schools, in keeping with the demands of health care industry. Therefore you must go for a good online nursing degree programme, to be a part of this rewarding and challenging profession.

Partial Close – Scaling Out Forex Profits

Partial close is a type of exit strategy where the forex trader plan his trade exit in several increments as opposed to closing the entire position at once. Partial close method is performed by closing a portion of it’s overall trade size as the trade becomes profitable and continue to their profit target.

This technique allows traders to capture smaller profits faster while leaving the position open as the market moves farther in their favor.

One major drawback about the partial close method is an imbalance in risk versus reward. When a trader employs the partial close strategy, the amount of profit taken is rarely equal to the amount of risk assumed when the trade is opened.

This partial close method is commonly thought to reduce losses and increase profits, following the idea of banking your profits. However it has an unfortunate characteristic that has nasty effects on your profits.

Consider a trader who trades 10 currency lots at a time and a 40 pip stop loss. His total initial risk on the position is 400 pips. If the trader partial closes half of his positions out with a 50 pip profit, he will have covered 250 pips of the initial 400 pips. The remaining position must be closed out at a profit greater than 50 pips to maintain a risk to reward ratio of 1:1.

Traders usually exacerbate the problem by moving their stop loss to break even after partial close with profit. If their remaining position is closed out at break even, they have risked 400 pips to gain 250. If their next trade is stopped out for the full 400 pips, they have a deficit of 150 pips to overcome on their next trade, assuming they are still trading 10 lots per trade.

The imbalance in risk to reward requires the forex trader who partial close his trades to maintain a much higher success ratio than traders who do not, because just one losing trade can erase the profits from multiple winners. This imbalance ratio will force the forex trader employing this partial close strategy to achieve a high win rate otherwise he will have to a re- look at employing this method as part of his trading plan.

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Free Credit Report Idea Way To Understand Your Financial Credibility

Under the present circumstances, if you are not aware of your financial transactions, it might put you in a very shaky position. With no idea of what is the status of your financial affairs, you will find the going tough. If for any reason, there is urgency and you are looking to avail loans, then apparently, your application form will be rejected. Lenders do not usually take the risk of providing any funds to someone with no credit report. It is in these circumstances that you can acquire the services of instant credit report.

It is only with a report that you will get to know about the past financial transactions in a given year, debts incurred if any and the outstanding amount that remains to be paid, the amount of money deposited in your account, credit profile and so forth. In addition to these, a credit report also contains useful information related to you such as name, address, age, employment status and so forth. Moreover, with a credit report, it will prevent any case of identity theft that may arise in the near future.

The task of providing the report is entrusted with 3 credit rating bureaus namely Transition, Equifax and Experian. The report can be derived from any one of these 3 agencies. On comparing the report, you will easily find out any errors mentioned and correct the same, without any further delay. As for the report, it is made available within a short span of time.

If you are looking to derive the credit report without having to face too many hassles, then you can certainly apply through the online medium. Online application involves filling up the necessary information in the application form based on the lenders website. By doing so, you can attain the report just by remaining in the comfort of your home or office. Moreover, you are not required to pay any single money, as it is entirely made available for free.

So, by availing a free credit report, you will be in a position to understand your credit score and ways to improve it.

Authority Payday Loan Companies Uk As No Exist Brokers Payday Loans Direct Lenders Only

When searching the Internet for online payday loans you should always bear in avowal a few simple rules when choosing which payday loan companies UK to go with as your loan. These loans obligatoriness steward a necessary and helpful resource owing to those direction need of immediate cash. They are on comfort 24 hours a day, seven days a week for customers to use at their disposal when the money they have is just not enough to make ends meet.

An easy drawing near for you to decide a good payday loan companies UK is to muster one that is ranked on the first page of the search engines, these payday loan websites be credulous built up a trait within their realm of online loans and as equal the search engines recognise this and ally them accordingly on the first page. Of course crackerjack are different terms you may search for to find a timely payday loan companies UK and what you input into the search bar will give you contradictory results.

Online payday loan companies UK offer an instant loan solution of any amount up to 1000, this quantity will be repayable on your next payday further evident is worthwhile due to through a 100% online application, this is why they are given their advance ‘online payday loans’.

Another way to jewel a good website is to check that they suppose their company name further inscription shown within their venue somewhere. This will give you quiet of belief that they are in fact a UK based troop and commit be adequate to assist you should you run game piece misfortune with your loan. This could land such things considering difficulty repaying the loan or cleverly to find out when your repayment audience is.

Another approach to decide whether a important advance site is actually any good is to vagabondage review centres/sites that will present you a run-down from disparate customers on their experience with the uniform payday loan companies UK in grill. If you don’t be entertained what you inspect aptly do not gain that payday loan companies UK.

Buy Engagement Ring Insurance To Protect Your Investment

If you followed the convention of spending two months salary on the diamond engagement ring with which you proposed to your girlfriend, who is now you wife, we are talking about some serious money. So wouldnt you want to protect that investment in case your wife losses the ring or damage it from wearing it every day?

As with any kind of insurance, the right engagement ring insurance makes financial sense. Insurance give you some protection for your monetary investment and gives you peace of mind in case the engagement ring is lost or stolen. While you may not be able to replace the sentimental value connected with the ring, at least youll be able to get a replacement ring without too much of a financial burden.

Most homeowner’s and renters policies come with jewelry coverage as part of the over-all policy. The limit for the coverage is usually low, typically in the range of $1,000 to $5,000, after the policy deductible is met. If you have fine jewelry such an expensive diamond engagement ring that is worth more that the limit of the coverage, you need to pay an additional premium to buy additional coverage for the ring.

The problem with jewelry coverage under a homeowner’s or renters policies is that most likely the policy does not cover damage or loss to the engagement ring outside the home and only provide cover if the loss happens inside the covered property due to fires or theft.

If you want an insurance policy that covers a loss or damage away from home, you need to purchase a stand alone policy thru a company that specializes in jewelry insurance. Many of the major home and auto insurers also offer jewelry insurance policies. Knowledgeable jewelers should be able to give you names of insurance companies that offer that kind of policy, if they dont sell the policy themselves.

Some jewelers, as a service to their customers and to make some additional money, sell stand alone jewelry policies that are underwritten by insurance companies. Just be sure to do some comparison shopping to make sure you are not being over charged for the policy.

The best jewelry insurance policy is a replacement type policy that would replace your loss or damaged ring with a ring of like kind, at the current value. For example, if you own and insure a diamond engagement ring from Tiffany and the ring is loss, the policy will replace the right with a similar ring from Tiffany and not from Kay jewelers, for example.

The most common and least expensive type of policy is the actual value policy, which replace the cash value of your ring, minus any depreciation. This type of policy is similar to an auto insurance policy, where in the event of a total loss; the insurance company would pay the current value of the auto, minus any depreciation.

When shopping for a engagement ring insurance that fits your needs, be sure you know the type of coverage you are getting so you dont get a big surprise if you ever have to file a claim and only then discover that the coverage is not what you thought it was.

Premiums vary depending on the type of policy, the policy limit, the deducible, and where you live. As with other types of insurance, shopping around will get you the best deal. But in general, engagement ring insurance is relatively inexpensive compared to the price of replacing a valuable diamond engagement ring, and the peace of mind of being able to wear your ring without constantly worrying about losing it far outweighs the cost of the insurance.