The First 30 Seconds Count The Most On Your Job Employment Interview

The first thirty seconds of the interview will ultimately determine if you get the job or not. Not only are first impressions crucial they are everything. If you have created a bad first impression you are sunk dead in the water. It would have been much better for your career and employment prospects if you had never shown up for the interview, called in sick so to say and stayed in bed at home for the day.

You have been screened into an interview because you have appeared qualified on paper. The employer uses the interview to learn whether or not you have the personal qualifications needed to fit into the organization. As well the interview process is used to confirm and further conform you work habits and work performance skills in action.

The first thirty seconds count most. People form basic opinions as well as basic assumptions about you within the first 30 seconds of meeting you. These opinions and assumptions may be conscious choices by the interviewer. In many cases this process in an unconscious one. The interviewer may never realize that they have determined basis assumptions of you – that determine you career path. It may never be acknowledged that these prejudices so to speak are even recognized as being held never mind acknowledged in conversation. The role of assumptions in our daily lives is integral.

If we did not make assumptions about people and places we encounter we would be spending most of our daily lives starting from scratch on everything in order to determine information, tactics and strategies.

The first thirty seconds do count. Interviewers will often say that they usually form strong opinions about applicant in the time it takes for the job seeker to walk across the room and say Hello.

How can you make those first impressions and those vital 30 seconds work for you as opposed for against you in your quest for that job or gainful employment or gainful advancement.

It comes down to 2 concepts. Preparation, presentation and attitude.

Prepare to be be prepared. Arrive on time with the essentials. Never arrive late or if an emergency arises phone ahead. Show that you are a person of honor, integrity and respectful toward others.

If the interview requires some preparation or tools plan ahead to either do the task or bring the equipment. Many a job interview is sunk even before the event when a potential job seeker does not bring a pen to fill out an application. Strike one. It is reasoned by many gatekeepers of the first step in the organizational hiring process that if a person cannot even prepare to bring a pen to fill out the application form then they are a person who cannot plan ahead for tasks and are a poor choice for employment at that place of work.

Second in the list of concepts is presentation. Dress well and appropriately. Be neat. Details count down to clean fingernails and clean and polished shoes. How to dress? Generally look at the industry and its employees. Do not overdress to impress the interviewer. If you are applying at an organization where people dress in a jacket and tie it is wise to dress as such or one step up. To come in an expensive tailored Armani suit may not be a wise idea.

Attitude after the previous two concepts are attended to can be the number one factor. Attitude is said to be the primary factor that influences an employer to hire. First of all concentrate on being likeable. Interviewers want to hire pleasant people whom others will enjoy working with on a daily basis.

To project that you are highly likeable it is best to be friendly, courteous and enthusiastic. Speak positively. Use positive body language. Smile.

It is best to project and air of pride and confidence. Act as though you thoroughly want and deserve the job not as though you are desperate for the job.

Demonstrate enthusiasm. An applicant’s level of enthusiasm often influences the employer as much as any other interviewing. The applicant who demonstrates little enthusiasm for a job or even life will never be selected for employment positions.

It is best to demonstrate knowledge of and interest in the employer. Saying that I really want this job is not convincing and mature enough. Explain in the interview why you want the position and how that position fits into your career plans and ultimately benefits the employment organization. It may even be that the employer’s position or firm offer unique opportunities or training that are highly relevant to your career and personal growth.

Perform your best at every moment. It is not as if you are on parade or presenting a false show. Be sincere but remember that there is no such thing as time out during an interview. Even from the beginning treat even the receptionist courteously. You may want to enquire about his or her name and conduct basis small talk. In the end it can be said that you never really know who can ultimately help or hinder your job employment prospects and success.

Lastly remember that an interview and the interview process is a two way street. You should project a genuine and sincere interest in determining whether you and the employer can mutually benefit from your gainful employment.

Get a Small Business Website Design Quote And Find Out Your Options

If you have set up a small business or thinking of setting up a small
business, you should know there are plenty of resources available to
help you. Understanding what you can get from a small business wesite
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The Internet and worldwide web has changed a lot
about our daily lives. The way we shop, communicate, and engage in
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were undreamt of just a short while ago. One person now has the ability
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If you are an entrepreneur, it is important to know
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thinking of working with. The best predictor of future performance is
past performance. A small business website designer with a proven record
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your needs and expectations.

What is a Career Anyway

A career is the sum total of all of your work-related
contributions to society in a lifetime. This includes time and effort
spent to provide goods, services, or benefit to others. A career
includes paid, un-paid, volunteer, part-time, and full-time positions.
Your career includes many life roles you may not think of: student,
homemaker, babysitter, office worker, doctor, lawyer, etc. A career
encompasses all the roles you play and duties you perform. You may have
many jobs or positions that make up your career, but you only have one
overall career. There are various career options in the modern world of
work: Self-Employed, Organization Employed, or Project-Employed.

definition, career development is the interaction of psychological,
sociological, economic, physical and chance factors that shape the
sequence of jobs, occupations, or positions a person may engage in
throughout his or her lifetime. Career development is an ongoing
process that includes the aspects of planning and strategizing your
career based on information about your self, the world of work, the
match between them, and the action you will take to create your life’s
work. Formal career development occurs in high schools, colleges and
universities, adult education programs, business and industry, military,
community and government agencies, trade and technical schools.
Consider all the places you have developed your career with either
academic or work experience. Where can you go next and what can you do
to further develop your career?

You have the power to create what
you want, whether you wish to be self-employed, change career fields
entirely, hold a certain kind of position, or volunteer your time.
Smart career development requires you to be self-reflective,
resourceful, motivated, flexible, and able to keep your skills and
competencies up-to-date.

Contemporary Career Concepts

say that we will experience many job transitions throughout our life.
For example: the U.S. Department of Labor says that the average person
will have 3.5 different careers in his lifetime and work for ten
employers, keeping each job for 3.5 years.

From the 1995 National
Association of Colleges and Employers Journal of Career Planning, “The
average American beginning his or her career in the 1990s will probably
work in ten or more jobs for five or more employers before retiring.”

the mid 1990s, Richard Knowdell said, “Career planning in the 1950s and
1960s was like riding on a train. The train remained on the track and
one could quite possibly stay on that track until retirement day. In
the 1970s and 1980s career planning was like getting on a bus. One
could change buses and it was a little closer to driving than on a
train. For the 1990s and beyond, career planning is more like an
all-terrain vehicle. The worker gets to drive, has to read the map, and
has to be attuned to the terrain, which could change from moment to

When I attended a recent California Career Development
Conference, I heard several other metaphors to describe the career
development process. One person said, “The old career was a marriage.
The new career is a date.” And someone else mentioned, “A career is
like going to an amusement park, where you go from one ride to the

Obviously, the concept of climbing the career ladder is
antiquated. Rather than “moving up” in one organization, you will find
yourself moving up, down, and even off the ladder. It could, in fact,
seem more like a maze, with many twists and turns, stops and starts.

own concept of career is like a wardrobe, where you “try on” different
outfits throughout your lifetime, and continue to check the mirror to
see if it still fits and matches your current style and taste. In the
modern world of work, you will need to find work that is “suited” to
you. Think of your life’s work as your wardrobe. It is ever-changing
as you move through life, changing as your styles and interests change.
Throughout the process, you will be tailoring yourself to fit different
roles, and to meet changing work styles and expectations.

today, the way in which we go about planning and strategizing our work
life is constantly changing. We are taking a more proactive—therefore
more exciting and challenging approach— to managing which way our
career takes us. People are daring to walk their unique paths, and
ignoring traditional routes. In fact, tomorrow’s jobs are relatively
unknown to us at this time, as there will be new titles and new career
fields that will develop. If a modern career is like a wardrobe, you
will wear many kinds of outfits throughout a lifetime, sometimes mixing
and matching ensembles, but always checking to see that it still
reflects your current style and remains a good fit. It has been said
that clothes make the man–what you are displaying to the world through
your choice of clothing is how you express yourself. Similarly, how you
express yourself and what you value is reflected in the work you choose
to perform.

As Mark Twain said, “There is no security in life,
only opportunity.” Given today’s changing times, we cannot hold onto
one idea for very long—there is so much good work that must be done to
help us evolve to our fullest potential. We are multi-talented,
multi-faceted beings with many gifts to share. We cannot lock ourselves
into any one job or job path. We must walk our path, but remain
flexible and open to new experiences. We also need to learn our lessons
along the way. Each job, no matter how small, is meaningful and is
part of our career plan in that we are always building onto our careers.
Today’s work will prepare us for tomorrow’s opportunities.

**Excerpt from the book, Get Smart! About Modern Career Development (2001). all rights reserved—Michelle Casto.

Reasons To Invest In Florida Investment Properties

The company carries a market capitalization of 20.99 Billion, EPS is 2.60, P/E ratio is 24.17 and also the dividend yield is 2.86% on the annual dividend payout of 0.45.

These comparable companies are called “comps.” Finding the appropriate comps to get a particular company is surely an art form and may be the key to with all the valuation technique effectively.

Most from the finance graduates desire for the career in Hedge Funds or USS Sequoia Presidential Yacht. If you yearn for that same, the first thing that you need to understand that this fields of Investment Banking different. Although, it can’t be said that the career are purely diverse as both of them are related fields of finance, nevertheless the dissimilarities exist and you have to follow varied paths to get in either from the career.

When it comes for the best and many favoured investment opportunities there is no match for your foreign stock investing. Stock trading has been considered one’s heart and soul of your rising economy. Nevertheless, the recent financial meltdown took its toll in the investments and the loss of investor confidence. But now that bad the passed and people ready to grab an investment opportunities again. Again the investors are within the open market using funds for a better economy plus they get better returns.

The are two general kinds of multiples – monatary amount of equity multiples and enterprise value multiples. The market price of equity will be the value owned by the company’s common stockholders as minority interests in a publicly-traded company on a fully-distributed basis. This value is the thing that’s left after paying off send out debt. It might be calculated by just multiplying the present stock price by the number of fully diluted shares outstanding.

Low-risk investments are the type with minimal probability that could be lost. Among the most common investment of the type are investing money in the bank through mutual funds and certificates of deposit. Those who spend money on this kind of security may be assured that the investment is quite safe and cared for. Moreover, this kind of investment does not really generate a lots of dividends as you might be not risking much.

Since the definition of corporate finance is really closely related to capital investment, it can be also often used in relation to investment banking. The role with the investment bank is always to scrutinize the structural foundation of the company to arrive at a conclusion about what invested amount would sufficiently correspond to that one companys need.

Corporate Finance: Corporate finance includes a selection of areas such as debt and equity capital, appropriate capital structures and mergers and acquisitions. Advisory services include sector specialists, who are sustained by several general service teams.

The Benefits Of Itil Training For Your Business

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) training is one of the best assets you can acquire for yourself for implementing an information management system that will improve the efficiency and increase the productivity of your business.

Ever since the system was first introduced in the 1990’s its reputation and clientele have grown at an impressive rate. Today, it is the most widely applied information systems management strategy available, and most of the big companies owe their success to having used an ITIL-based system.

IT services are greatly enhanced

Because the ITIL style of running the business addresses all problematic issues as they come and resolves them in the quickest and most diplomatic way possible, these problems never constitute a major obstacle to the business process and the flow of communication proceeds unimpeded.

Besides preventing the process from slowing down because of difficulties encountered in one of the departments, ITIL structures the organization of the company in such a way that pertinent information reaches the people who have full authority to act on them in the soonest possible time. This ability stems from the fact that system cuts up processes into their basic parts and assigns people for each of the major stages of the process. In that way, the question of who is empowered to act on an issue is settled as soon as that issue emerges. That further speeds up the business process.

Concomitant with avoiding any waste of time, the system enables the business to devote more energy towards being productive. Since problems are addressed fast and resolved easily, employees do not spend their time in the office preoccupied with pending issues. They get the chance to focus on the productive job they have on hand.

Not only is interoffice communication improved, but also client relationships. ITIL makes the creation of a friendly environment for clients possible. Employees are taught how to be client-centered. They learn how to resolve issues brought up by clients in a timely and helpful manner. The clients themselves will never have to return another day because the employee entertaining them does not know to resolve their problems.

An ITIL system with its improved protocol for the transmission of information can almost always provide clients with satisfactory answers to their queries. Of course, when clients are pleased with an organization’s treatment, they will want to keep coming back and patronizing that organization’s services.

As a result of this increased rate of returning clients, the goods and services provided by the company become highly scalable, as is also the case with third-party applications that the company provides the clients.

Finally, the positive effects of having a good ITIL-based system management program in place can only lead to the one thing that all organizations dream of, and that is internal and external growth. Employees grow in stature as they daily learn to master the skills of good communication. Their career prospects grow. At the same time, the company itself will begin to feel the need to expand its boundaries, given the excellent reaction of the public to their way of conducting business.

Forex Trendy Review – Which Currency Pairs And Time Frames Would Be Best To Trade

Forex Trendy is a Forex scanner with automated chart analysis for 34 currency pairs. This application scans currency pairs – going beyond only the most frequent ones – on all time frames, from minute to monthly, for top level trends and therefore enhance your profitability. Once the marketplace is erratic, along with the trend direction unclear, it is tough to trade – Forex Currency Pairs may help you tremendously in this regard. Most Forex systems and robots earn money with the popularity – but generate losses in the erratic market. Less than with Forex Trendy!

The application form sounds an alarm when it recognizes the commonest patterns, letting you know it is time for you to trade. This simplifies case study and makes it possible to minimize loses when trading. It’s not necessary to wait throughout the uncertain market anymore! Let the powerful computers behind Forex Trendy perform the meet your needs! By doing this, you will not ever miss probably the most clean pair as well as the time frame which has a clear trend: with Forex Trendy, you can just continue with the best trend, making profits. All you want do is start your copy of Forex Trendy and pick the very best trending pair anytime!
Forex Trendy would work for the beginners as well as the advanced traders. This is a simple tool that even novices will find simple to use (after taking some time to become accustomed to it), nonetheless it includes the greater advanced metrics at the same time – something that the pros will appreciate. Forex Trendy surpasses Euros and Dollars, and includes the certain exotic currency pairs, upping your chances at profitability.
Forex Trendy works independently from the trading platform; it really is well suited for all Currency trading platforms, including binary options. Forex Trendy is an online application, no application running on your hard drive. Nothing is to download or install on your pc. For any small bill every month, you will get usage of Forex Trendy members area which you could utilize smart tool. Inside the members area, you may be granted entry to live charts, price action setups and strategic guidance. The support is very useful. There exists a good reason why’s Forex Trendy one of the most popular signals services in the Forex industry. The ability to access Forex Trendy might make the main difference between losing or perhaps breaking even, and winning!

Has Personal Financial Planning Changed After The Global Financial Crisis

After the Global Financial Crisis(GFC), a lot of people questioned their personal financial planning strategies. People often do this after a market downturn or correction, let alone after the biggest we have had in about 70 years. Anyone who has lived through other major downturns will know it will take a few years to recover investment losses. It is natural for people to wonder if their personal financial planning strategy is still the right way to go.

Is your strategy sound?

If a financial planner, as part of a comprehensive financial plan, recommended your investment strategy, then your strategy should be sound. The recommendations would have been made after he or she completed a fact find about your situation. This would have taken into account your investment time horizon and you investor profile. Your investor profile is determined by a series of questions to find out your tolerance to investment risk. In this case, investment risk refers to the exposure to short-term market fluctuations. The recommended investment portfolio would have reflected your risk tolerance by limiting your exposure to growth assets – shares and property – whose values do fluctuate with market movements.

How Long Should You Stick with an investment strategy?

You should stay with the original strategy for the length of the plan. If you have a ten-year plan then you stay with that. There is no doubt, staying with an investment strategy for the medium to long-term works best. The other alternative is to try to pick the market. This means, moving into a safe investment when the market drops and then moving back into the market when it goes up. The problem is most people cannot get the timing right – they are usually too late to get out before the market dropped or to get in before the market went up. Even the professionals have trouble picking the market. How many picked the global financial crisis?

Tough out the Tough times

The hardest part is to have faith in your original financial planning strategy when the market is moving against you. It is well to remember that is the nature of financial markets. Both the share market and the property markets have around 5 – 7 year cycles. Over the long-term, both these sectors make money. That is why your strategy would have been designed for a particular time frame, so that your portfolio could ride out those downturns. Generally, the only people who lose during market downturns are the ones who panic, sell the investments at a loss and put the money into a safe place. They are unlikely ever to get their money back. If you and your adviser worked together to form an investment strategy or if you did it yourself after doing your research, you should give the growth assets in your portfolio time to grow by staying with the origianl personal planning strategy.

How To Buy A Laundromat Business For Beginners

For buying a coin-operated laundry service facility or how to purchase a laundromat business, you’ll need a little knowledge about the subject. Purchasing a coin-operated laundry business can be done by anyone. You can buy a coin-operated laundromat probably without having to worry about any additional costs or expenses. This is a business that can remain for a long time because of the amount of dirty laundry out there. The main necessity in buying a laundromat service is that you start with a solid foundation and plan. This is the most important thing you need to do before procuring or beginning a coin-operated laundry service.

The area and neighborhood is the most crutial element when building a laundromat service. When you build a laundromat service or procuring a coin-operated laundromat business, you need to ask the owner why he or she is selling. Be persistent with your questions. It is in your best interest to uncover the real reasons because you will be the one holding the bag later. It is possible that other coin-operated laundry services are available in the area or the machines are very old and need replacing, or the lease of the property will be increasing. You must do you research, and do it thoroughly.

The next thing you should be doing is to find out what you can expect to make from the laundromat business. You should establish what you intend to earn, and then do research to make sure the laundromat business in question can deliver this. Never underestimate the ability of a seller to inflate his numbers to make the business look more profitable then it really is!

You need to determine where your initial capital comes from. Your source for your startup costs can come from many different places. You can pursue a personal loan from friends or relatives. If you already have an existing relationship with a bank or other financial institution and lots of statistical information about the business revenue, you should be able to obtain a business loan from any financial institution. But with todays market, it can be hard to get the financial institutions to loan any money at all. It is fairly simple to buy a laundromat business, but maintain a reasonable profit margin is a lot harder. If you dont invest the time and research, your coin-operated laundry service could flounder.

If you are going to buy a coin-operated laundromat business or you are buying a coin-operated laundromat, you must have properly running equipment. How do you expect to run laundromat successfully without having the equipment? If you are obtaining a laundromat, you should have the laundry machines inspected by a professional service. the general status of the machinery should be taken into consideration into the price of the business. Remember, there is always some type of maintenance needed on an on-going basis – machines break down and need repair sometimes. You can perform all the maintenance on your own, or hire professional services to do the labor work for you, giving you the time to run the business.

After buying a coin-operated laundromat business, all you have to do is make sure your equipment continues to operate, correct any problems, keep it tidy and clean, and collect your money from the machines. Owning and operating a coin-operated laundry service is is relatively simple, but the difficulty is in selecting the proper location and not over-paying for a coin-operated laundry business. Whether you are building a laundromat or you want to start a laundromat service, you need to do your research.

Nokia Phones- Innovation is the strategy mobile phones

Nokia Phones move at great speed towards development. In the year 1992, Nokia diversified themselves in the telecommunication market. This was the high time that took them to think for the step they were taking. The market condition were as usual not positive as its always the same but the company broke all the records and formed strategic decision, entered the telecom industry. In the history of the company this step was proven to super profitable and now they are the world leaders.With the motto of connecting people they have created trust in the heart of the customer, and now they can purchase the handset without any second thought or doubt in their mind. The Nokia aims to serve the masses and have not left the classes too.

The company has designed the handset such that they get the sure value of money. The Quality is the major aspect of the company and finally delivers it to the end user. The Research and development team works really hard on the innovation line which leads the company at a good pace. Cheap Nokia Phones are very much available in the market with the lucrative deals. These deals are comparison of the handset on the basis of the price, the network and calling plan. Now the user can log in through the internet can check the deals online. Just by typing Nokia mobile phone deals in google you can check out the deals portal.

The deals are of three types i.e. contract deals, sim free and pay as you go deals. In the sim free deals the customer is free to choose any of the networks and have to pay in advance to make call or avail any of the service. Just opposite is with case with contract deals where the user sign an agreement with specified network for the duration not less than 12 months and not more than 24 months. The pay as go deals are almost similar to sim free deals. With such deals it becomes very easy for the seller to sell and buyer to buy. So from now buy only Nokia. for more information about Nokia Phones and phones with free gifts visit our mobile shop.

Hedge Fund Vs Mutual Fund, Understanding The Differences

In 1949 Australian Alfred Jones was credited with the term “hedge fund”. Historically it derives its name from the use of hedging to manage risk while achieving superior returns. Today, a hedge fund is an un-regulated investment vehicle designated for sophisticated, also known as the “Accredited Investor”.

Mutual funds gained popularity in the 1980’s. Prior to this time, the problem of the small investor was in obtaining sufficient knowledge to make informed investment decisions, and so the average person avoided stock market investing. Instead money was held in traditional savings accounts or placed with a bank in a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (“GIC”) or Certificate of Deposit (“CD”).

What to do. The small investor was not able to obtain a professional money manager without $10 million or more to start. But what if he could pool his money with other small investors to reach this minimum threshold. And so the mutual fund was created to address these exact concerns.

The mutual fund concept was simple, allow the un-sophisticated investor access to the strategies of the professional money manager. This was done by pooling small sums of money, as little as $20.00 deposited monthly. In return, the fund company would use professional money managers using professional investment strategies to easily out perform traditional bank savings products.

The mutual fund investor had other problems. Because they did not understand the nature of the investments made for them, government regulators got involved to protect investor rights. And so mutual fund investing became regulated and soon took on a life of its own. Rules were set in place to govern what could be held within a mutual fund and how the investment strategies were marketed to the public. Even what could be invested and what should be avoided.

While much evolution has transpired since the early days of the 80’s. One thing is for certain, mutual fund investing is all about what it cannot do. While this article is not focused on these issues, there are some glaring examples the investor needs to know. In times of market un-certainty, the mutual fund cannot sell and move to cash for safety. The manager must remain fully invested at all times making the investor, in consultation with his Investment Advisor, responsible for proper asset allocation. The mutual fund also cannot employ risk management or hedging techniques because they are deemed too sophisticated for the small investor to understand. So to avoid investor complaints, these important strategies are discouraged by managers and outlawed by regulators.

In the end, all of the benefits started by the mutual fund industry to provide safety of capital have been regulated away from the interests of the small investor. In fact, these are the exact investors which need safety of capital most of all. Many market observers believe the industry has become over regulated and as such, do more harm than good.

To-date, the hedge fund industry has been able in all country jurisdictions to avoid nuisance government meddling. The recent wall street initiated financial melt down has proven that even a self regulated industry is not immune. It seems big company rights take precedence over investor rights. So some regulation may be forth coming. Historically, the hedge fund industry has been able to avoid regulation by offering its products only to the Accredited Investor. There is a strict agreed upon formula based on wealth accumulation. The premise being if you were smart enough to accumulate wealth, then you are smart enough to understand the sophisticated investments being recommended.

Typically hedge fund investors are in direct contrast to mutual fund investors and thus have different needs. The mutual fund investor has modest wealth and little investment knowledge. The hedge fund investor has significant wealth with greater investment understanding. Therefore one is regulated to protect the investor and the other is not.

The above description is not the only difference that separates the two. Hedge funds can employ a complex strategy of investment vehicles known only to the fund manager. Many hedge fund managers are protective of any proprietary trading formula which will provide an edge over their competition and disclosure of their trading style is not required.

Mutual funds are sold through an Investment Advisor who will make comparisons, explain and make recommendations for a balanced portfolio. Hedge fund investing can be more difficult. Firstly, there can be difficulty in locating a list of the availability of funds. There are however helpful data-bases for this. Then you must undertake your own due diligence to ascertain if it is the right asset mix for your overall portfolio.

Thirdly, you’ll need to have an understanding of the different investment strategies. Do you choose a value fund or a growth fund. CTA funds are out performing these days and what about a suitable bond fund. Does my fund employ hedging and should I invest in an off-shore fund to obtain the tax benefits.

There are certainly many things to think about when selecting the proper investment vehicle. Make your selection with intelligence and proper planning. Ask around and be inquisitive. Your level of investment knowledge and the time needed to devote to this topic will dictate which is best for you.